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( Jan. 17th, 2012 07:40 am)
I just timed that Subway infommercial that took place during the actual episode of Hawaii Five-0, masquerading as a Steve/Kono/Kamekona scene.

It starts at 16.23, finishes at 17.13.

That's a minute, give or take.


The episode is only 43.14.

I resent this trend so much of subtly (hahahhahah) working in a plug for something and having the characters endorse it. I'm seeing it on lots of shows now and I want it stopped before people stop minding it.

I like Subway. I love their foot-long deals that give me two lunches.

I don't love them in the middle of an episode, shoehorned unnaturally in making me lose all respect for the show and pity the writers/actors.

It really rubs it in that the commercials are the juicy meat and the show just the moldy bread as far as the networks care.
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( Jan. 17th, 2012 09:06 am)
We downloaded an AB app to David's Playbook. I've played it before on a friend's IPad but not much; the kids always hogged it (heh, hog. pigs. Heh.) I'd completely forgotten that the different birds DID things and I was only vaguely aware of it to start with.

Last night I idly asked about it and got everyone in the family shrieking at me as they explained what the birds did and how dim I was.

I then went on to beat all their high scores in five levels, so there. (We can beat them all, but we want three stars; nothing else will do).

I'm amazed that I managed to get three stars sometimes just using the birds without superpowers.

Clearly I have Hidden Depths. ::preens self::

Such a time-suck though...but aren't they all? I've spent years of my life playing Lemmings, Dungeon Master, Civ....
The place where they make Fanboy and Chum Chum has a fanboard where they stick up the best pieces of fanart they find online to inspire them and Eleanor made it!!!

See here:

She's on the bottom row, third from the right as you look at it, under the pic with the hearts.

She's bouncing up and down here :-)
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( Jan. 17th, 2012 10:50 pm)
that last night's Hawaii also ended with 'Buy you a Subway? My treat.' and I snapped and wrote a complaint to Subway here:


ETA Sorry, my bad. Seems he said 'zip pack' which is an Hawaiian snack. The power of suggestion; after I read it was 'subway' and rewatched, it sounded like it. After I heard it was 'zip pack' I rewatched again and this time I heard it, lol.

Still, my complaint to the company was about the one minute plug so it still stands.

Sadly, I could've also sworn Steve said, 'love you' during his call to Danny, but he didn't.

It really was hard to make out a lot of the lines; too much background music telling us how to feel.


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