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( Jun. 1st, 2012 08:58 am)
Just sitting here typing away and there was a huge crash on the patio; it's raining and the wind picked up and blew my umbrella over and smashed the glass table. Unbelievable mess out there. I went out (in PJS) and got drenched taking the brolly down (it's okay, at least) but sweeping up the glass will have to wait until it stops raining.

Gutted; my friend had a garden party planned tomorrow because she adores the Royal Family and it's for the Diamond Jubilee and after days of sun and heat, it's cold and pouring it down and she'll have to move inside. And her dog got sprayed by a skunk in the middle of the night so she's been up since four.

Bad Friday. Bad.

Eleanor just came home from high school with not one but two awards: 'Senior Artist of Distinction' and 'Excellent Performance in Graphics Animation'

So proud of her! She had to wear something nice so I persuaded her into a dress, heh, the horror.



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