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( Jan. 1st, 2012 09:52 pm)
I just found out that a Giles/Xander fic of mine, Damage Control, has won an award for best NC17 Slash in the current round of the Sunnydale Memorial Awards.

Many thanks to those who liked it and voted for it; it means a lot.
I've read two books of Joss essays recently, one based around Dollhouse, the other his works in general.

Both have essays where Wesley's name is spelled 'Wyndham-Pryce' (or Wyndham-Price in the Dollhouse one, I forget now, only that it was wrong, wrong, wrong.)

Both times I snarled 'There is no 'h' in Wyndam' dammit!' and flashed back to Secretary days.

I might not write it anymore. Doesn't mean I'm not still a fan.

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( Nov. 23rd, 2010 11:43 am)
I've calmed down now but I'm still annoyed and I've found myself thinking about this as I've flitted about the house doing my daily chores.

Why am I annoyed? It's because these people aren't remaking the original (average at best) movie for that movie's fanbase (and I'm sure it has one, who view SMG as a pale copy of the original, but they wouldn't fill many cinemas). To say that they are is disingenuous of them.

No. They're remaking Buffy, fine, but for most people (well, okay, I'm talking about me here) that means the show. I've seen and own the movie but I've never read a comic and the movie differs canonically from the show (Slayers get incapacitating cramps when they see a vampire? Really?) in a few places. Or the other way around, to be fair.

Anyway, my meandering point (I was way more concise when I head-wrote this filling the tumble dryer) is that these people are using the cachet and critically acclaimed clout of the show to lend credibility to their attempts to remake the movie, thus neatly doing away with any need to credit Joss while using what he created. Like saying you invented the iPod when all you did was take an iPod and glue sparkly glitter on it.

That's so bloody cheeky.

I'm seething. See me seethe.

Then I remember that movie-not-show rights means they won't have Giles, the Scoobies, Spike and Angel, hell, they won't even have Sunnydale, and I snicker. Hell, they're not even doing it in high school; what's left but the title?

I'm also aware of the fact that there's the implication that they need to make Buffy cool and hip because the show's dated now and that implies that I'm old and past it too which makes my lip curl.

Excuse me, I'm just going to read a few more pages of other people seething in the comments to the articles. I find it soothing.
I coudn't resist this pairing from [livejournal.com profile] oxoniensis's Porn Battle.

Faith/Paul Davis, prompt 'comfort'

The fic is here.

715 words, set post-Chosen, R.
So what do you do when you have a house to clean for a houseguest arriving tomorrow?

You get a plot bunny for a former fandom and take an hour writing 500 words, that's what.

No spoilers, just Spike thinking back to the good old days. And it's Angelus, so it's slightly dark.

Love Me to Death )
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( Mar. 10th, 2007 09:54 am)
It's the birthday of two lovely people today; Happy Birthday [livejournal.com profile] slb44 and [livejournal.com profile] fan_eunice! Hope you're enjoying your special day very much :;hugs::

It's also the tenth birthday of Buffy the Vampire Slayer; the show, that is.

BtVS wasn't my first online fandom; Heinlein was that, but it followed on very closely. I was posting to alt.tv.buffy-v-slayer in 1999, if not earlier. We emigrated in summer '97 so I started watching the show from S2 and never stopped. I have a long row of Buffy and Angel DVDs in this room, and a shelf full of Buffy tie in novels, script books, Watchers Guides and all the literary analysis type essay books, too.

I'm a fan :-)

And it was the fandom which got me started on writing. May 2002. I found the sister group to the Buffy one; the one with the fic, and after reading some, consumed with a need for some Buffy/Spike, I hesitantly penned my own, which I won't inflict on you here as it wasn't very good. It's on my webpage along with a few other clunkers (I'm a completist) but... no. Not good.

And G rated because I couldn't have written smut if you paid me; way too shy.

That started to change but then whambam, I found slash and Spike started getting happy with Xander, not Buffy, the faithless vampire that he is.

And now I'm a pro writer of m/m romances and it's all thanks to Buffy.

I could write about what the show did for television, for the portrayal of women, the insights into the teenage mind -- but I'll channel Cordelia and make it all about me :-)

Buffy; you gave me endless hours of entertainment, made me laugh, shiver, cry. You let me meet some friends I value immensely, helped me discover a talent I didn't know I had.

You made me think.

Thank you.

And we're supposed to post something to mark the day. This is the first drabble I ever did and one of my earliest fics. It won't make much sense unless you know what Warren was good at.

Bored Now

He’s getting impatient now, strong hands skimming soft breasts, tweaking at pert nipples roughly. His hands go lower, sliding and groping, and, on cue, her moans increase in volume. They madden him, and he runs questing hands through her long hair, fingers splayed out.

He hisses with frustration and slides one finger between those perfect lips, growling angrily as she automatically starts to suck, to lick. His finger explores the warm dampness and withdraws.

Giving in, he throws himself into a chair and stares moodily at his annoying new toy.

“Wanker must have put an off switch somewhere,” he mutters.
February is the month Secretary finished (two years ago!), so we decided to try and write something to remember it by.

Here's mine. It's around 2,100 words, set some time after the end of the original fic.

And if you need to be warned there's a spanking, I guess you weren't one of the people reading it back then ;-)

Just a Little Patience )
A Behind Closed Doors snippet for [livejournal.com profile] elementalv.

Because there's always more hidden in the sofa cushions :;hugs::

Seeing Clearly )
I got asked for Spike/Xander recs by [livejournal.com profile] dustandroses and it occurred to me that rather than just tell her mine, I'd throw it open for all of you to pitch in with your favourites.

Plus, I'm a year or more out of touch and might have missed some good ones while I've been away.

So I'll put some here, with the usual disclaimers about this being off the top of my head and I'm sure to hit post and then smack my forehead dramatically when I think of one I've missed, and if anyone wants to help lure a new S/X fan into the fold, slap one or more in the comments.

::grateful smooches:;

Good place to start with a new fandom/pairing is always [livejournal.com profile] ship_manifesto. The S/X entry is by [livejournal.com profile] spuzz and has some great links, including one to the Spike/Xander pairing page at All About Spike which is full of classic, good S/X.

It's been a long, long time since I read S/X but it's the pairing that got me writing slash and the first slash fic I ever read was, like many people's, We're Not Gay, We're Just Friends Who Have Sex by Juliatheyounger.

And I just went looking for some of my favourites and couldn't find them. People, don't do this to me! ::wails:: Don't take your fic away...

Okay, this is another good source page for fics and recs by someone who writes great S/X herself: S/X and Violence by [livejournal.com profile] mpoetess.

One of my favourites by the incomparable team of [livejournal.com profile] wesleysgirl and [livejournal.com profile] ladycat77 Dread of Morning, kinky and hot and dark.

Then there's the classic, funny, adorable Amnesia Spike by [livejournal.com profile] mahaliem which I love.

Okay, I have to go and eat supper... passing on the torch now.

ETA: I'm going to say thank you here, instead of replying individually, but you all rock; thank you so much! Going to keep this bookmarked for when I feel nostalgic.
Today is the birthday of one of my best LJ friends who has really made this place special for me and been there so often when I've needed a shoulder to cry on or someone to be bitchy with.

Have a fantabulous birthday [livejournal.com profile] disgracelands and here's a Wes/Faith spanking drabble just for you that I actually did research for!

:;much love::

Count on It

"It's a very old tradition, you know."

His hand strokes her bared skin; she whimpers, but he's caught up in lecturing her.

"One for each year of your life…you'll hardly notice that many. Then one to grow on, to live on, one to eat on, be happy on… one to marry on."

"Never been good at math, Wes."

He smiles and pats her arse with an indulgent hand. "No? I am." He traces the enticingly shadowed cleft and decides not to mention that it was also done to soften the body for the tomb.

It's her happy day, after all.
First Happy Birthday [livejournal.com profile] timeofchange! Hope today's been good and that you're having a fabulous time ::much love::

I've finished the Jack/Xander vid. Heh. I went with the obvious in the end when it came to music. I'm also finding once I scratch the itch to a certain extent, I want to move on, so it goes from being an all-encompassing obsession to last week's newspaper. I'm so fickle.

Had fun with this; it was amazing how many parallels I found between Jack and Xander and hopefully the idea that they could've been good, if only, comes over...

And I make no apologies for the Xander in a speedo shot, so there.

It's about 15 MB.


and when that expires it's on my webpage here

http://www.janedavitt.com/Vids.html 'Ships That Cross'
This one's for [livejournal.com profile] theemdash who wanted Wesley and Daniel flirting. It got a little serious then a lot silly and defines romp fic ;-)

1651 words, mild R, set in S3 of Buffy.

Worlds Collide )
This is for [livejournal.com profile] darling_effect whose birthday it was yesterday.

It turned out a little dark but hey, that's the way these two are, and it wouldn't quite fit in a drabble; it's about 140 words.

And it's a Secretary fic; of course there's a spanking ;-)

After and Before )
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( Feb. 20th, 2006 04:09 pm)
[livejournal.com profile] justhuman gave into my kitten eyes of hope and wrote a lovely slice of Jack/Daniel/Cameron PWP here.

Those three. Guh.

And [livejournal.com profile] helenkacan has been posting some great Giles fic the last few days, well worth checking out.

And, unconnected random thought of the day, that Nascar Old Spice commercial with the men hugging each other has left me humming the 'more we get together' song incessantly and it's slashy as hell in an adorable way which probably isn't what they wanted me to think but I'm unrepentant ;-)
I just had feedback on Snowbound/Sunblind which, as those of you who can remember that far back will know, was a Regency romp that I started in January 2004, during Regency Week, which was followed by Spanking Week which explains this fic more than adequately ;-)

I abandoned it mid-story; Secretary was taking all my time and I just lost the thread. It's not ever going to be finished, something I've only done with two other stories out of 400. Those three prey on my mind but what can you do?

There was a bit I don't think I ever posted on LJ, although it's on my web page, and a final snippet that's never been posted at all (I think; not going to spend hours searching for it, anyway...)

So, for the sake of completeness, here are those two bits for anyone interested and that's, sadly, it.

If you want to know how I'd planned it to end, the amulet/necklace contained a trapped, malevolent spirit which tried to persuade Ethan and Giles to release it with the bribe of letting them go back and relive the decision that split them up so many years before, with knowledge of the future to guide them. Ethan's all for it; Giles realises that it would mean he'd never meet Wesley and that Wesley, Angel and Spike would probably be dead without his help. Ethan's initially furious that Giles would put Wesley over him but when it comes down to it, can't go through with it either.

Except it wouldn't have been quite that black and white and I've missed out all the smut :-)

Previous parts are here

Sunblind )
This is a thank you drabble for [livejournal.com profile] oscagne who asked for Willow and Sam Carter.

Tricky pairing, so I hope you like my go at it.

It's set in S5 of Buffy.

Too Wide a Net

The red hair reminds her of Janet but the hands that make her breath uneven and her words stumble are less gentle.

In the corner of the room a candle centred in a pentagram gutters, smoke streaming, and Sam's tired mind struggles as she's asked again what kind of snake demon she is.

The red cords binding her wrists are soaked with sweat.

Could be worse. Could be blood, naquada-laced and deceptive.

And this could be a dream, but she's starting to think it's not.

Just a mistake.

She wishes Daniel was here. Daniel would know which Goa'uld Glory was.
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( Jan. 11th, 2006 02:05 pm)
The lovely [livejournal.com profile] xanphibian wrote me library spanking smut with Giles and Joyce! Go read it here.

It's very appropriate timing as it's two years since LJ Spanking Week :;happy sigh of remembering::
This S4 Wesley/Faith is for [livejournal.com profile] desoto_hia873 Thanks for the prompt! ::hugs::

Notable By Her Absence

He's wondered what it would be like to live with someone. After Faith's brief stay, he's starting to get an idea.

Messy, and he doesn't mean the ruined, blood-splattered tiles in the bathroom. The raw rage and despair behind every blow makes it less destruction than a reshaping of her world to one where she's not facing a demon in the body of a friend.

No; he's talking about torn clothing, holding her scent, on the floor, a mug of coffee half-full, skinned over and bitter, and the deplorable way she's squeezed the toothpaste from the middle.

He misses her.
Happy Birthday [livejournal.com profile] bruttimabuoni! Hope it's brought you good things ::hugs::

Reccing hat on; [livejournal.com profile] versaphile has posted her stunning Wes/Angel/Giles NC17 fic; porn, yes, kinky, smutty and hot, but with an edge, and so many issues I'm surprised there's room on the bed for the three of them. Beautifully worked out and there aren't any simple resolutions when it's these men, but this left me feeling satisfied.


And [livejournal.com profile] estepheia wrote me a chilling, angsty Supernatural drabble (gen):;hugs her:; It's just exactly how you know it would have been for Dean and Sam as kids and it's here.
This is for [livejournal.com profile] lemony69 who guessed the title of the Babel excerpt yesterday.

Faith is over 18 in this.


Her lips peel back in a savage smile, teeth gritted and tight, and her hand's rock-steady as it moves, slash, slick, slide, leaving red, glossy and scarlet and bright blooming over once-paler skin.

He loves watching her work like this, waiting in the shadows. There's never any hesitation; rarely any regret.

Her lips pout and smack together in a satisfied moue and stained tissue paper flutters unheeded to the floor.

And Wesley waits, naked and palpitant, for her to crawl slowly up his body, marking him at every pause, his flushed skin darkening with bruises and bites and lipstick kisses.


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