Some good bits and some intriguing set-up for next year, but there were at least three continuity errors and pretty honking big ones too, plus a liberal sprinkling of wtf?

episode thoughts )
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( Apr. 2nd, 2009 02:42 pm)
The whys and wherefores of Karl's increased presence on Desperate Housewives seem to be confirmed:

spoilers )
Just heard from [ profile] bhayling and the RBFC that Richard is probably in the next new episode of DH, on April 19th (which makes sense as it's a two-parter) and possibly more this season and next.

Well, good for them finally seeing sense.

And Dollhouse tonight was like a different show. Fox really didn't handle it well with the episode rewriting and reordering and what not.

At least it's still on the air.

ETA Dollhouse has been confirmed for a full season and the comments below contain many spoilers for Desperate Housewives.
Final spam of the morning :-)

Here are 16 screencaps under the cut. As ever, if you want to use them for anything feel free; no credit necessary.

RB in DH )
RB's episode of DH, 5.18 has been confirmed for March 22. Let's hope that he gets more than the minute or two scene of last time he was on.

We're seeing a lot of RB (in every sense ;-)) this year, which is nice; wish Garett would appear more, too. The CSI appearance was a long time ago now.
No word on the episode yet (possibly 5.18) but RB has filmed some scenes as Karl so we should be seeing him on DH soon.

Always good to see Karl again even if sadly, the towel-wearing days seem to be behind him (on DH at least...)

My DVD of Darklight and a book about Vancouver as Hollywood North arrived yesterday. I flipped through the commentary and blinked a little as the producers/directors kept calling him Burgi with a soft 'g' (gee as in gee whizz). They had good things to say about him and I have to say he looks stunning in the movie. Stubble and angst suit him :-)

The book mentions X Files but not TS or Stargate; mostly based around the movie side of things. It does mention David Hewlett in passing, though and has a picture of Callum Keith Rennie. If there's anything interesting, I'll pass it on. I'm finding it a little dry right now.
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( Oct. 5th, 2008 10:27 pm)
Wow, I could have blinked and missed him but he still owned the scene.

I'm assuming he has a contract that says they have to include him in at least one episode a season but this is getting ridiculous. You have RB on the set for the day and you only use him for a thirty-second scene?

What a waste.

Still looking good though...

ETA Now minor spoilers for SPN 4.03 in comments.
RB is back as Karl in tonight's episode of Desperate Housewives. No idea how long his scene is but it'll be good to see him, no matter how fleetingly.

I'll clip his scene tomorrow for anyone who just wants Karl :-)
I just found a nice picture of Richard Burgi (not spoilery) in his upcoming episode of Desperate Housewives 5.02.

It's here

I hope this isn't his one and only appearance in S5...
It contains spoilers for the episode, but an ABC release mentions Karl, played by RB, as a guest star in the Oct 5 episode, 'We're So Happy, You're So Happy'

I hope so!

Mary McNamara (RB/Karl fan big time) interviewed Teri Hatcher and Teri said RB might be back as Karl in S5.

It seems all the women on the show, and lots of the men, think RB is hot.

Well, we know that... ;-)
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( Jun. 6th, 2008 03:22 pm)
For my own amusement (and it is fun) I'm compiling all RB's Desperate Housewives scenes into one file. Which means I get to see him wandering around Wisteria Lane in shorts and an open robe as he goes to get the paper.

People just don't DO that in my suburb. But none of my neighbors look like this, so do I care? No.

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( May. 5th, 2008 04:15 pm)
They're a little fuzzy but here are eight behind the cut. Anyone who wants to use them for anything, go ahead.

screencaps )
What will probably be half of RB's appearance on Desperate Housewives next week is up on the official site as a 'coming next week' clip.

You have to sit through a commercial first but it's worth it :-)

Karl is on the smug side, but I'm guessing, as ever, a slightly sweeter side comes out later.
Just saw on one of the Sentinel lists that RB is in Vancouver this week filming an upcoming episode of 'Reaper'. I haven't watched that show before but I'll be tuning in (odd how that completely archaic term still comes naturally to me, along with 'let's go to the video store to rent a DVD') that week, for sure. That, and a Desperate Housewives episode soon; we're getting spoiled :-)
Only one episode (4.14, which I think is the third new one after they start airing again on April 13) but still.

If you want to be mildly spoiled (nothing major as far as the main show is concerned), this is the brief reason:

Karl's return )
Before Christmas, I did that 'if you could make me write anything' meme and [ profile] sassyinkpen broke my brain with the pure badnaughtwrongbutsoveryhotness of this:

Karl gets arrested by Jim and attempts to bribe his way out of it with deeply obscene sexual favors. He is successful.

I've been playing with the fic off and on for a while and it's not behaving when it comes to the all out smutfest I'd planned, but I think I'm done with it for now. And if anyone else wanted to take the idea and write it, I'd love to see what you did with it.

It's a dark, tired, slightly skewed Jim. Blair's off with Sam, which could explain it. If you think he'd never do this, I won't argue with you ::g::

Around 4,900 words.

Red Light )
Because if mostly naked and tied up RB isn't joy, I'd like to know what IS.

Here's a 12 MB clip of the start of episode 3.12 of Desperate Housewives, with Karl being annoying and getting tied to the bed (I like Edie's way of dealing with him being a jerk but I'm not sure I'd have had the fortitude to walk away and leave him).

And here are two shareable as ever icons.

And under the cut are six screencaps. My God, that man is hot.

Karl + white silk scarves = OTP )
I may have posted these screencaps before but I don't think I did.

Three Karl in a towel caps just because.

Not in any way related to the fic prompt [ profile] sassyinkpen gave me just before Christmas.

Karl gets arrested by Jim and attempts to bribe his way out of it with deeply obscene sexual favors. He is successful..

No. Not at all ::looks shifty-eyed::

actually unable to stop contemplating it in all its sleazy, badnaughtywrong glory

Karl bits:

towel! )
I don't know where I got this from so I can't credit whoever originally put it up; so sorry, but I reuploaded it to Mediafire and it's too funny not to share. It's pretty old as it was back when RB was a regular on DH (should still be; he played an interesting character; pathetic and yet tough at the same time, plus hot, hot, hot) and it's just a minute or two of Richard being very tongue in cheek.

About 10 MB


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