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( Oct. 4th, 2014 09:56 pm)
Going behind a spoiler cut...

anvils )
Before Christmas, Eleanor was asked to contribute a logo to an online project, which she did (and was paid for so she's now a pro artist!).

The project is 'Verity', and if you have [personal profile] scarlettgirl on your f-list, you will already know about it as she is one of the people behind it.

The web page is here and it is all about Doctor Who with six women discussing the episodes in a regular podcast which can be downloaded. The first one is live and broke the top ten podcast downloads on iTunes in Australia and the UK which is wonderful.

Eleanor did the logo of the chair and the scarf.
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( Jul. 17th, 2008 08:57 pm)
We watched it last night, so as promised, here's what I thought and I promise there are actual words under the cut :-)

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Only two three more to go!

Episode thoughts behind the cut.

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This was going to be longer but suddenly it was over. Hmm.

Well, I had fun, which is the only thing that matters in the end ;-)

Thanks to all who indulged me in my crossover madness :;smooches:;

Previous parts are here.

Carpe Diem Part Four )
Whew, been busy... but not so much that I forgot this fic. Just to recap, Ethan has given Jack a potion that means Jack has to be truthful and more or less helpful (definitely less if he can help it) and Jack's got the zapping cuffs on Ethan.

Previous parts are here.

"You picked me up," Ethan said indignantly. "It's not my fault if you can't spot a Chaos Mage when you see one. I'm just doing what comes naturally."

"So am I," Jack said. "Computer; gin and tonic whenever you're ready." He plucked a glass brimming with ice and sporting one perfect slice of lemon from thin air and raised it in a toast. "To revenge and retribution."

"You know, we could have been such good friends," Ethan told him wistfully.

Carpe Diem Part Three )
I just had to do it.

It's set before Jack meets up with the Doctor, so no spoilers. Ethan's about 30 and he's just met a stranger in a London bar...

Carpe Diem Part One )
I'm very taken with Doctor Who and on impulse did a quick double drabble because 'The Doctor Dances' was just too slashy to resist.

And scary ::shudders::

This is the Doctor/Jack with more implied than actual smut and Rose looking on because it's so much a threesome set-up in my head somehow.

No spoilers, but covers the situation as of the end of 'The Doctor Dances'.

(And I'm absurdly nervous. No wonder I stick to one fandom...)

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