A while back, [livejournal.com profile] princessofg very kindly beta'd Eclipsed for me and I promised her a thank you fic, which is shamefully late.

This is set somewhere in S9, after the fic ends, no spoilers, around 2,300 words.

Thanks again, [livejournal.com profile] princessofg! ::hugs::

Knocking At Your Door )
Happy Birthday to [livejournal.com profile] artifuss; hope you have a wonderful day and it doesn't snow on you (or me, as I'm not that far from you!) ::hugs::

And Happy Birthday to a wonderful friend, beta, writer: [livejournal.com profile] green_grrl! It didn't seem right not to post some SG-1 fic on your birthday (even if it's not J/D!) so I did a tiny Eclipsed snippet, sort of putting things in place for any future fics as I don't feel ready to say goodbye to them yet. Hope you enjoy your day very much indeed :;much love::

Reporting for Duty )
I might do an epilogue to tie up some loose ends but this is tentatively the last part. I opened it to work on it and realised it was pretty much done.

Thanks to all who've borne with the increasingly long gaps between updates and who've been so supportive of this story and this Paul.

It's around 3,500 words.

Previous parts are here

Eclipsed: Part Ten )
I haven't been making headway with this so I decided to post what I have so far to try and break the block. Around 2,200 words and it ends somewhere too muted to be a cliffhanger but a good enough place to stop. I want to finish this very soon; sorry it got lost in the shuffle.

It's caught up now with regard to the timelines so this part is all set in 'Now'.

Quick recap; Jack's at the cabin and Daniel's sent Paul there to try and resolve the situation.

That Daniel. Ever the optimist :-)

Previous parts are here

Eclipsed Part Nine )
Here's Part Eight of the Eclipsed Series, 'Holding Pattern'.

Previous parts are here

Because it's been a while, for which I'm sorry, here's where it's at.

As promised, the three timelines are starting to catch up with each other. This part ends the Way Back When section and the Then section, leaving the next and final part all written in the Now.

For this part, the WBW has two sections, the first set immediately after Abyss, the second set after Fallen. The Then section is post-Moebius and the (very short) Now section follows immediately on from the last one, mid Season Nine with Jack out at his cabin, pissed off, and Paul trying to get them reconciled with Daniel's increasingly irritated help.

It's around 6,500 words.

The Eclipsed Series: Part Eight )
Happy Birthday [livejournal.com profile] treebee! Hope you're having a wonderful day and it keeps getting better.

I'm off to collect Lauren from a princess birthday party (the three older brothers, up to a teenager, were all dressed as princesses, too, and having a whale of a time, bless them) and then we're going up to splash in our friends' pool and hot tub. It will be nice to relax.

I've finished the Jack/Paul/Daniel vid, or, rather, it's done for me, heh. It pretty much says what I want it to and I'm going to leave it at that and make the next one (once I've recovered) a tad less ambitious.

It's to Creep by Radiohead, which does have some swearing, just to warn you (I had to vid with the sound turned right down because of the kids which didn't help) it's around 25MB, and it's a Paul with severe issues lusting after Jack, who wants Daniel. So, sort of like Eclipsed, but even darker in a way.

It's on my webpage here

http://www.janedavitt.com/Vids.html 'Eclipsed'

Many thanks go to [livejournal.com profile] or_mabinogi for his helpful beta and encouragement :;hugs him:;

And tonight... I'm going to write. Or edit. Or watch the three Doctor Who episodes I have stacked up...anything but vidding ::g::
David left for England at 5.00 and as soon as the girls went to sleep I vidded. Just finished a two-day project; the Jack/Paul/Daniel vid to sort of go with Eclipsed, in that it's closer to how they are in the fic than in canon.

Well, closer to how Paul sees them, anyway; anyone who's read it knows he's not exactly the most level-headed, clear-sighted sort when it comes to lusting after Jack and being jealous/ drawn to Daniel ::g::

It's huge; 23 MB and a 4 minute song. I ripped 438MB of clips and would you believe it, got to the end and by sheer chance I'd replicated a tiny clip from the start. Maybe I can say it was on purpose to emphasise the circular, unchanging path that Paul's feet are set on; the treadmill of obsession to which he is tethered...er. Maybe I'll just find another clip :-)

It's hard vidding Paul; he doesn't get to do much. Mostly just stands and talks, looking intense, and rarely smiles. Most of the most interesting bits are when it isn't really him...

I'd like to get a second opinion on it as it's a little more ambitious than my others when it comes to the story, so if there's anyone with vidding experience who'd be willing to take a look, I'd be very grateful :;hopeful look::

But now I'm going to bed because I'm shattered.
I got enough written to make another part so I thought I'd post. It's about 4,500 words.

'Now' is mid S9, carrying on from Paul's visit to Daniel. 'Then' is early S8, soon after Jack's been promoted. "Way Back When' is S6, right after 'Descent'. The three timelines are starting to merge...

Previous parts are here

Eclipsed Part Seven )
I posted this yesterday, tagged it, added it to my memories, crossposted to a comm... and it got no feedback. Only a dozen people are reading, and it was a long section (9,600), so I meeped a bit at bedtime but didn't really go into a decline or think much of it.

Turns out somewhere along the way it'd got deleted off my LJ. No, I don't know how.

Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] flaming_muse for the heads up and [livejournal.com profile] justhuman too, who also suggested a formatting improvement :;smooches you both::

Let's try again...

Previous parts are here

Currently, 'Now' is midway through S9, 'Then' is between S7 and 8, 'Way Back When' is two weeks after the end of S5.

Eclipsed Part Six )

Part Seven
It's the birthday of two very wonderful people today: [livejournal.com profile] gwynnega who deserves a birthday spanking in the library from Giles if anyone does, and [livejournal.com profile] tx_cronopio who deserves happiness in abundance as well :;much love and hugs to you both::

My first entry that I will tag as I post it! I had to swap my journal style back to 'Generator' as the other one didn't have a bit to press to edit tags easily, or edit posts easily, come to that. I might have to change the tag links up at the top and just have one link to all the tags and people can take it from there. It looks a bit messy as is.

Here is Part Five of the Eclipsed Series. I wish I hadn't started giving the parts names. Titles are hard. This one is called, 'Retreating' and it's about 5,000 words. To make it clearer, this is the current timeline:

Timeline )

Previous parts are here

The Eclipsed Series Part Five )

Part Six
Here's the next section of this story. It's around 4,200 words and for once, the Way Back When section is the shortest as it introduces a much longer part and I wanted to keep them separate.

It's been a while so to recap:

Now: S9, Paul is on his way back home.

Then: S7, Paul's arrived at the cabin where Jack's recuperating.

Way Back When: S5, this part set during 48 Hours.

Previous parts are here

Eclipsed Series Part Four 'Negotiating' )

Part Five
This is the kind of impromptu fic I wanted to be able to do when I set up the Eclipsed series - come to think of it, I did it with 'Behind Closed Doors', too. This is a drabble, set within that fic,in the S5 Way Back When segment.

It's a stand alone though and you don't need to know more than the fact that Jack and Paul are fighting as much as they're fucking and they're enjoying both.

Rules of the Game )
This is a little shorter than normal; around 3,500 words.

Previous parts are here

Awakenings )

Go to Part Four
Here's the next part of the Jack/Paul fic which is a killer to write and which I love to bits anyway.

It's around 9,000 words and, as before, it contains three timelines; Now/Then/Way Back When, aka S9/S7/S5. It's complete in itself (yes, even with that ending; Part Three won't be picking up right there.)

Thanks to everyone reading and commenting; much appreciated, as always.

Previous parts are here

The Eclipsed Series. Part Two. 'Dead Ends' )
Here is the rest of 'Standing in the Shadows', Part One of the Eclipsed series. Part Two will be along as soon as I can; hopefully in the next month, but, as I said, this stands alone and won't leave you on a cliffhanger.

Previous parts are here

Standing in the Shadows )

Part Two is now here
I've finished 'Standing in the Shadows' Part One of the Eclipsed series.

It's too long to post in one go, so I'll post some now, the rest tomorrow morning. Overall, this Part One is 12,000 words.

It's not a WIP in the strictest sense. More a series of single fics. Each part is going to be self contained, and because of the way it's written you already know the end.

It's how we get there that's the fun part ;-)

The fic's set at three separate times; for this part we open with Paul on Dakara in S9 (Now), flashback to S7 (Then) and then most of this part is set mid S5 (Way Back When).

With each new story, Way Back When will begin to merge with Then, which will in turn become Now.

This format means I can add to it as the mood takes me and I can write stand alones set any time if I want to do, say, a Jack/Paul PWP, or an episode-based fic, because the framework will already be set up.

Standing in the Shadows Part One )


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