It's now officially someone's birthday and here's a Secretary fic to mark the occasion.

Wesley's POV, set after the original story ended.

850 words or so. Warnings for the usual with this fic; spanking, s/m, Wesley being hot and fucked-up and Faith matching him every step of the way ;-)

Miss these two...

Schooled )
Title Set You Free
Pairing Jim/Carolyn
Rating R
Length 450 words
Spoilers Pre-show.

Written for the 'little white lies' challenge at [ profile] sentinel_thurs

Set You Free )
I coudn't resist this pairing from [ profile] oxoniensis's Porn Battle.

Faith/Paul Davis, prompt 'comfort'

The fic is here.

715 words, set post-Chosen, R.
February is the month Secretary finished (two years ago!), so we decided to try and write something to remember it by.

Here's mine. It's around 2,100 words, set some time after the end of the original fic.

And if you need to be warned there's a spanking, I guess you weren't one of the people reading it back then ;-)

Just a Little Patience )
I've got two original writing projects coming up and I want to clear some half-written fics to stop myself getting distracted. I opened this one, which I started, writing longhand, when I was on holiday this summer, read it through and realised it said all I wanted it to and I didn't want to add a single word. Huh. Go figure. Could've posted it ages ago, darn it.

It's a foursome fic, not all that happy, set after Daniel's return in S7 from Sam's POV. Her very limited POV...

Around 3,300 words.

Safety in Numbers )
This S4 Wesley/Faith is for [ profile] desoto_hia873 Thanks for the prompt! ::hugs::

Notable By Her Absence

He's wondered what it would be like to live with someone. After Faith's brief stay, he's starting to get an idea.

Messy, and he doesn't mean the ruined, blood-splattered tiles in the bathroom. The raw rage and despair behind every blow makes it less destruction than a reshaping of her world to one where she's not facing a demon in the body of a friend.

No; he's talking about torn clothing, holding her scent, on the floor, a mug of coffee half-full, skinned over and bitter, and the deplorable way she's squeezed the toothpaste from the middle.

He misses her.
This is for [ profile] _minxy_ who wanted the phrase "at his/her/your most beautiful". Thank you for the prompt! ::hugs::

Got to eat and go so I'll do the last one or two later.

Spoilers for Heroes Part Two so I'll cut. Character death.

Broken )
I took a short break from proofing to write this before I forgot it.

Daniel/Vala spanking the only way I could see it happening :-)

No spoilers, PWP, 1100 words.

Retaliatory Strike )
I can't believe we're at the end of this story; never had one that provoked such an intense response and thank you to all who commented and joined in the discussions.

Thanks also to [ profile] darling_effect for beta reading this epic and, of course, to my wonderful co-writer, Bit, who inspires me to new heights of smuttiness all the time and is a joy to write with.

Hollow Heart Part Fourteen )
The penultimate part! Thanks as ever to all reading, commenting, discussing and typo-spotting :;g::

Previous parts are here

Hollow Heart Part Thirteen )

Final Part
Okay, I'm having trouble counting and/or reading. There are fourteen parts, not thirteen, so this isn't the penultimate one after all!

Previous parts are here

Hollow Heart Part Twelve )

Part Thirteen
Bit shorter this one; give you all a breather after the last few ;-)

Previous parts are here

Hollow Heart Part Nine )

Part Ten
By arrangement, as I leave at midday for a Thanksgiving meal and won't be back until too late to coordinate posting with Bit, I'm posting a little earlier than she is today.

Hope you enjoy this and Happy Thanksgiving to all my fellow Canadians!

And Happy Birthday to an incredible eight people (take that both ways; you're incredible and so are the odds of eight of you sharing a birthday; don't know any other day with this many! :-)) [ profile] bouncymonkey, [ profile] avrelia, [ profile] katekat1010, [ profile] busarewski, [ profile] ev_vy, [ profile] laurakaye [ profile] saraslash and [ profile] miniera. I hope that today is the happiest of sparkly days for you all :;many hugs::

On to the smut story...

Hollow Heart Part Eight )

Part Nine
Slightly shorter this one; around 4,000 words. Thanks as ever for all the kind feedback; happy you're all enjoying this as we certainly enjoyed writing it.

Previous parts are here

Hollow Heart Part Seven )

Part Eight
Almost half way through...

And this chapter comes with a cliffhanger warning ;-)

Previous parts are here

Hollow Heart Part Six )

Part Seven
Here's part three of this co-written fic which ::peeks at the end:; might sort of end at a bad place, but it's nearly 5,000 words and we have to stop somewhere!

Thanks to all who've been commenting - and I mean all. I've been enjoying the discussions with the readers who aren't totally happy with the fic as well as the feedback from those who are, because it's always good to get the chance to explain story choices but usually no one cares; they just want to read it ::g:: So thanks.

Previous parts are here

Hollow Heart Part Three )

Part Four


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