I wrote a 15,000 word threesome m/m/m office romance with some spanking for the Goodreads 'Love is Always Write' event organized by the M/M Romance Group and it's just been posted if anyone wants to read it. I don't think it's locked or anything.

Many thanks to all those working behind the scenes to make the event work and to [personal profile] wesleysgirl for her kind beta read.

Disciplinary Action
ETA Okay, sorry, it IS locked to members. Will see if /when I can repost it elsewhere. BRB.
I did a prompt for the Porn Battle, run by the lovely [personal profile] oxoniensis.

You can read it here:

Paint it Red

Or at AO3 here.

Prompts used

bite, sass, bondage, mess, power, lipstick, kissing,
Title Ownership
Author [personal profile] janedavitt
Web page Jane's Stories
Pairing Harvey/Mike
Rating mild R
Length 585 words
Spoilers/Warnings D/s overtones. Set in the same 'verse as most of my Suits fics, with Mike and Harvey in the early stages of a D/s relationship of sorts.

Ownership )
Title Fill Me Full
Author [personal profile] janedavitt
Web page Jane's Stories
Pairing Steve/Danny
Rating NC17
Length 600 words
Spoilers/Warnings Mention of bondage/cross-dressing.

An impulse snippet because it's been ages since I wrote a fic.

Fill Me Full )
Title Burn, Baby, Burn
Author [personal profile] janedavitt
Web page Jane's Stories
Pairing Shawn/Lassiter
Rating NC17
Length 700 words
Spoilers/Warnings D/s scene. Spanking, humiliation, use of heat (okay, all this sounds really freaky, but it's not extreme and it's all consensual).

Burn, Baby, Burn )
Title More of the Same
Author [personal profile] janedavitt
Web page Jane's Stories
Pairing Shawn/Lassiter
Rating R
Length ~ 2000 words
Spoilers/Warnings Humiliation kink, though not really featured in this one.

This is the third in a short series exploring Lassiter with a kink for humiliation and it's more about them pausing to discuss it at last than actually doing it, following Lassiter getting injured at work.

The other two stories are here

More of the Same )
Title Giving More
Author [personal profile] janedavitt
Web page Jane's Stories
Pairing Shawn/Lassiter
Rating NC17
Length 545 words
Spoilers/Warnings Humiliation kink
Companion piece to Link May I Have Some More

Giving More )
Title May I Have Some More
Author [personal profile] janedavitt
Web page Jane's Stories
Pairing Shawn/Lassiter
Rating NC17
Length 2000 words
Spoilers/Warnings Humiliation kink

Written for a prompt in the Psych Kink Meme 2.0

Prompt: Lassiter's always hot and bothered by Shawn's put-downs and jokes at his expense, what Shawn doesn't know is that he likes it--feels something at being called out on his failures.


May I Have Some More )
Title His Master's Voice
Author [personal profile] janedavitt
Web page Jane's Stories
Pairing Shawn/Lassiter
Rating NC17
Length 100 words
Spoilers/Warnings BDSM theme

Sort of carrying on from my fic earlier tonight but really, it can stand alone too.

His Master's Voice )
Title Trespass
Author [personal profile] janedavitt
Web page Jane's Stories
Pairing Shawn/Lassiter
Rating R
Length 2600 words
Spoilers/Warnings References to BDSM/collaring

Trespass )
janedavitt: (deanchestbyme)
( Jan. 21st, 2009 01:13 pm)
[livejournal.com profile] zortified prompted me to come up with some other ways Sam could make Dean howl at the moon on his birthday in the comments to the Sam/Dean fic I posted last night.

If anyone else wants to share some thoughts on the subject (one that clearly needs exploring in detail), feel free to join in here.

I'm sure Dean will say thank you nicely, if you do ;-)
[livejournal.com profile] sidlj and [livejournal.com profile] jd_junkie have the perfect solution to the post holiday blues; a J/D commentfic thread here with the only requirement being that Jack and/or Daniel call each other 'baby' during the fic.

'Babe' and 'baby' tend to melt me so I was in like Flynn with a quick spanking fic which should surprise absolutely no one. I link to it here so I won't lose it:

Father Figure
Title This Hurts Me More
Pairing Jim/Blair
Rating NC17
Length 450 words
Spoilers None
Warnings. Domestic discipline - with a mild twist.

This was written for the [livejournal.com profile] sentinel_thurs challenge of 'discipline'. I might do a not-obvious one, but it was too tempting to pass up on the simplest (for me, anyway :-)) interpretation.

This Hurts Me More )
Yesterday, [livejournal.com profile] lit_gal and I swapped impulse fic ideas and she delivered a gem called The Perils of Detective Pauline with Jim as damsel-in-distress.

Here's mine, no spoilers, around 3000 words. This one involves pegging, with Blair using a harness and dildo on Jim. Why? I guess you'll have to read it to find out :-) Not angsty, slightly tongue-in-cheek.

Which reminds me; there's also some rimming mentioned ::g::

Encore )
[livejournal.com profile] carodee writes Jim dark, dark, dark sometimes; with a humorous edge, sometimes, sure, as in her Insatiable series, but in the Controlverse, there's nothing but the darkness, swamping both Jim and Blair and it's car crash compelling, can't look away, stuff.

She's just added a new fic to the 'verse:

Lunch Break, and definitely read the warnings, but if you already know this verse, you'll know what to expect.

I had the pleasure of beta reading it and I'm so taken with the way she's slowly revealing Jim's motivations. He's still doing unforgivable stuff to Blair but I'd say of the two of them, Jim's more the victim and more the one broken beyond repair than Blair, no matter what Blair's suffering.

It's intense and very different from the usual Jim/Blair, but it has at its core, as most fics in this fandom do, the conviction that these two are bound together, for whatever reason, endlessly orbiting each other, unable to break away.

In this 'verse, that's literal.

ETA Caro's posted a timeline with links to all the fics in the 'verse here.
It's now officially someone's birthday and here's a Secretary fic to mark the occasion.

Wesley's POV, set after the original story ended.

850 words or so. Warnings for the usual with this fic; spanking, s/m, Wesley being hot and fucked-up and Faith matching him every step of the way ;-)

Miss these two...

Schooled )
This is 450 words of me procrastinating.

Spanking fic with a slight twist.

Cruel to be Kind )
It's a day and a bit early, but here's a birthday fic for [livejournal.com profile] arrow00 who wanted Jim being spanked, which seems a perfectly reasonable wish to me.

Around 700 words, no spoilers.

First to Last )
I offered [livejournal.com profile] jamethiel_bane a birthday drabble and she chose the lovely prompt of Jack/Daniel, orgasm denial, and I can do that, sure I can... just not in a drabble apparently, as this is nearly 1000 words :-)

No spoilers, set mid-show sometime, at Jack's cabin in the summer. No real warnings; off screen spanking mentioned, that's about it.

Wait For Me )
Title Gifted
Pairings Jim/Carolyn mentioned, Jim/Blair
Rating NC17
Spoilers none
Length 1300 words
Warnings Dark and a little twisted inside Jim's head but not so much outside it.

Gifted )


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