I did a drabble! Go me.

Eyes Open

Gibbs has watched a young man with an easy smile and wary eyes grow older, become confident and self-assured. To a point, anyway. Brought Tony back from taking a final rasping breath with a command and a caress disguised as a slap. Felt those strong hands push air and life back into him as he lay, lungs full of water, vision black.

But until he wakes in his bed, body aching in pleasant ways, to find Tony staring down at him, a settled happiness replacing the dazzling smile, Gibbs feels he’s never seen Tony clearly before.

He likes the view.
Just re-watched 11.04 and it sparked this impulse ficlet.

Dialog in italics at the start is from the episode.

Sitrep )
Short tag for last night's episode though not really spoilery. 1500 words.

Carrots and Sticks )
OMG, I watched an episode and did a drabble as a coda. How long has it been since that happened? But it was such a Gibbs/Tony episode it sparked something.

Totally G but under the cut as it starts right at the end of the episode (11.05)

Clear Head )
Been forever since I wrote these two but I just watched the last three episodes in a day and there was one Tony/Gibbs scene that sparked this drabble.

Losing Battle

He'll never tell Tony, but Gibbs loves the moments when Tony's face hardens with resolve and he resists, fights back.

Gibbs likes strength and he nurtures it in Tony, in his own way.

But he likes it more when Tony bites his lip, murmurs, 'Yes, boss' and his gaze falls, just for a moment.

Likes that subtly trained submission too much, if he's honest.

He wants to reward Tony for it. He knows what Tony craves and he can provide it.

There's a rule that says he can't.

Gibbs is getting older.

Maybe it's time to wear purple and red.
Title Bucket List
Author [personal profile] janedavitt
Web page Jane's Stories
Pairing Gibbs/Tony
Rating very mild R
Length 1400
Spoilers/Warnings Refers to something Tony does in 9.08, but not really spoilery.

Bucket List )
Title Defined, Described
Author [personal profile] janedavitt
Web page Jane's Stories
Pairing Gibbs/Tony
Rating mild R
Length 412 words
Spoilers/Warnings Episode tag to 9.05

Because Tony just made it impossible not to write something.

Defined, Described )
janedavitt: (gibbstonybyme)
( Oct. 18th, 2011 10:17 pm)
No in-depth thoughts (apart from the fact that Gibbs/Tony is practically canon now) but two solid, enjoyable, entertaining episodes.

And Callen/Hanna. Aww. Boys. And the final scene between Kensi and Deeks; loved that too.

Nice to see the shows getting back to what they do best.
janedavitt: (gibbstonybyme)
( Mar. 29th, 2011 10:10 pm)
Wow. Two really good episodes, both of them. This is more like it! Too tired to write out thinky thoughts but I enjoyed them a lot and since I tend to post more when I don't enjoy stuff (easier to whinge than to praise ;-)) I'm making an effort tonight.
Last night we had a line from Gibbs that made my Gibbs/Tony heart grow two sizes. Where is the squee?

cut for those who haven't seen it )
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( Dec. 14th, 2010 10:18 pm)
Going behind the cut for both episodes.

episode thoughts )
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( Sep. 23rd, 2010 02:13 pm)
The opener for S8 was okay, though I watched looking to pick fault, which isn't like me. The whole Mallison deal and other aspects of last season really bugged me.

One scene really had me rolling my eyes though. Cutting, though it's not plot related at all.

rant )
I went pretty wild here. RB with Gibbs? Hot. When I was going through frame by frame, you could've sworn they were about to kiss. Except not really given what was going on. But still.

screencaps )
Going behind the cut to discuss both episodes --oh and House last night, too (still haven't seen Castle).

episode thoughts in abundance )
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( May. 18th, 2010 11:10 am)
There's a nice juicy scene of him (with Tony!) halfway through this MH interview which the lovely [profile] alyssinmindmind links to here:


Not really spoilery but if you want to be completely unspoiled, skip it.

Two non-spoilery pix under the cut.

screencaps )
There's an extended, better quality promo out and I clipped RB's scene (three seconds :-)) to screencap. It's definitely him and when Gibbs grabs him you can see the visitor's pass so it can't be Tony. Which is a relief; I can't imagine Gibbs ever being this violent with a team member -- the glass on the window gets cracked, for heaven's sake.

A few, still fuzzy, screencaps under the cut.

Slam-dunk )
Let me cut so I don't have to worry about spoiling anyone.

episode thoughts )


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