It's been a long journey from a one-off PWP crack!fic to a 108,000 epic, but it's finally over, and here's the last part of Point of Contact. I hope to come back to the story in the summer, but for now, this is where I'm leaving them.

Many thanks to all who've been reading and giving the story such support. The feedback has astonished me, given how AU the fic is and I'm so grateful for all who've commented here and in e-mail.

The story, from chapter six on, when I realized I was in way over my head, was beta read by [ profile] t_verano. T is the most thorough, insightful beta reader imaginable. She noticed continuity issues, forced me to rethink when I'd gone off track and just pretty much saved the story a dozen times. She's a star and I'm eternally grateful for the many hours of work she put in on this. :;hugs her tight::

The last chapter ended with Jim and Blair in a private room at Club Z, Blair's jeans ripped to shreds, and the UST up to about 11.

If you're expecting a quick resolution to the ST, you're reading the wrong fic :-)

It's about 8,400 words, NC17.

Previous parts here.

For those who've been waiting to read it all at once, there's a single file version on my webpage:

Point of Contact

Point of Contact: Part Sixteen )
Here's the next part of Point of Contact. Jim and Blair are at Club Z and about to go inside the club itself. Around 8,400 words.

Many thanks to [ profile] t_verano for her usual detailed and painstaking beta, done this time under difficult circumstances; it's so very much appreciated! :;hugs::

And thank you to all reading and being so encouraging; it's got one, maybe two chapters to go and is a few hundred words shy of 100,000, which is pretty long for an impromptu PWP crack fic :-)

Previous parts here.

Point of Contact Part Fifteen )

Final part
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( Nov. 10th, 2007 12:20 pm)
So very chuffed here: [ profile] gilded_kage has written a short poem based around the last chapter of Point of Contact. So very good and it's like a fic in miniature with the gorgeous images it evokes.

The Right Clothes

Thank you so much, [ profile] gilded_kage! :;hugs you::
Here's Part 14 and it's around 9,000 words. It gets them into Club Z, at least ::g::

Thanks, as ever, to [ profile] t_verano who always catches me when I fall ::hugs her::

And I made a banner for this part, on a whim, showing the two of them how they look at the club. It's under the cut, along with the story.

Previous parts here.

PoC Banner )

Point of Contact Part Fourteen )

Part Fifteen
Here's the next part of Point of Contact; around 6,000 words of it, carrying on more or less from the end of the last chapter, which had Jim sending Blair upstairs and Blair falling asleep. Somehow, the smut escaped and was last seeing fleeing toward chapter 14....

Once again, and thanks heavens for it, it's been betaed by [ profile] t_verano who spotted at least two major continuity glitches. She has an incredible memory for details and knows the fic better than I do :;grateful smooches galore::

Previous parts here.

Point of Contact Part Thirteen )

Part Fourteen
Here's another part, around 4,300 words, as ever, ably beta read by [ profile] t_verano who is patiently trying to train my English ear to hear Jim and Blair in American :;smooches her::

It carries on directly from the last part, with Simon walking out of the loft, leaving Blair to wait for Jim.

Previous parts here.

Point of Contact Part Twelve )

Part Thirteen
Here's the next part of this, once again benefiting so much from [ profile] t_verano's thoughtful beta. You really don't want to see the version before she fixes it and makes the characters behave :;grateful hugs::

This is around 8,000 words and is very much a talky chapter, heavy on the backstory.

It had to be done; we're at 70,000 + words now and it's time.

I'm 2,000 words into the next part which will be less talk, more action ;-)

Previous parts here.

Point of Contact Part Eleven )

Part Twelve
This is a shorter part at around 3,800 words, but I wanted the next bit (which is already with its wonderful beta so go me for writing another 7,000 words in 24 hours) to stand alone.

Thanks, as ever, to [ profile] t_verano who is a continuity genius and just generally rocks for betaing this never-going-to-end fic :;smooches::

Previous parts here.

Point of Contact Part Ten )

Part Eleven
Here's the next part of this fic. It carries right on from where part eight finished, with them at one of the Agency's houses, about to go upstairs.

It's 7,700 words and for once isn't one POV throughout; seemed to work better to swap midway.

Previous parts here.

Grateful thanks, as ever, to [ profile] t_verano who keeps me from getting lost and makes the story so much better in so many ways :;hugs her::

And thanks to all of you reading who are sticking with it despite the gaps between posting. And, gosh, it's 60,000 words now, which, considering it was originally a one-off PWP, crackfic is pretty incredible.

Point of Contact Part Nine )

Part Ten
Here, after a long break (sorry!) is a new part of Point of Contact. It's around 7,000 words and many thanks go out to [ profile] t_verano for her usual wonderful work as a beta reader.

Just to remind everyone, Part Seven ended with Jim off to work, Blair off to the library, and the two of them arranging to meet for lunch.

Previous parts here.

Point of Contact Part Eight )

Part Nine
I made a banner for Point of Contact for when I archive it on my webpage, inspired by Blair looking all vulnerable and hot in that clip.

As ever, concrit welcome; when it comes to this I am an egg, as Valentine Michael Smith would say.

banner )
Here's another part of this AU fic. It's a little shorter, at 4,200 but it wraps nicely where it ends so I went with it.

Once again, many thanks to [ profile] t_verano for the very helpful beta reading ::hugs::

Previous parts here.

Point of Contact Part Seven )
Part Eight
Here's the next part of this WiP. It's 8,500 words and carries right on from the last chapter.

Grateful thanks to my beta [ profile] t_verano whose thoughtful comments added an extra thousand words and made it so much better :;hugs her::

Previous parts here.

Point of Contact Part Six )

Part Seven
Here's the next part, 6,100 words, and yes, there is smut, oh, and some bondage...

Previous parts here.

Point of Contact Part Five )

Part Six
Here's another part of the AU 'Point of Contact'. It's 6,200 words which is why it stops when it does. Surprisingly little smut. UST in abundance.

Previous parts here
Point of Contact Part Three )

Part Four
I couldn't let The Sentinel's eleventh birthday pass without fic. Here's another part of the AU 'Point of Contact'. It's shorter; around 2,600 words; more of an interlude between parts, I suppose.

Previous parts here

Point of Contact Part Two )

Part Three
Blair: I'm sure he's a nice kid.

Buckner: He's a brat. He's headstrong, stubborn, utterly convinced he is the only soul on earth who has a clue. In short exactly like, uh...

Blair: Like me when I first got here and you were my faculty advisor?

Alec, from the S2 episode 'Smart Alec' was a genius and about as likely to get a date as one of the spiders who made me watch that episode with my eyes shut. And, canonically, he was like Blair.

When I started to write this AU, all I had was the idea that Blair had ordered a hooker and he got Jim instead of a woman. Then Blair turned out not to be the usual happy womaniser, glib, popular, assertive, but someone else entirely and I stopped mid-fic and thought "This is wrong, but it doesn't feel wrong. Why?"

See, even in canon, Blair is monumentally useless with women, IMO. He doesn't have a clue how to hang onto them or what to do with them when he has them. And we see him being very convincing at being an insecure geek who gets teased.

So, if this Blair doesn't work for you, I'll understand -- but he's not like this accidentally. I wrote him this way on purpose.

11,500 words, no spoilers, AU, Blair gets spanked.

Point of Contact )

Continues here


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