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( Aug. 3rd, 2012 02:24 pm)
A few screencaps from RB's guest episode of Burn Notice last night.

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Did four screencaps. Happy endings, yay.

RB )
Fourteen under the cut and not a suit in sight...well, maybe a birthday suit ;-)) God, those arm muscles...

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More screencaps, but his character is 'flying back to LA' so that might be it for a while.

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RB had two scenes and some deliciously snarky banter in the second. Hearing him say he'd rock my world was a nice moment ;-)

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Lots behind the cut. Even with ash flakes all over him, still looking good.

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Here are 17 of them. Man wears a suit and an evil smile so well ;-)

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He looks so darn pretty in black and white :-)

ETA caps are always totally shareable if you wnat to use them for something; no need to ask or credit, just help yourselves.

RB screencaps from Matlock 6.6 )
Two things. One, my God, HD makes for better screencaps and two, will someone get Richard Burgi back out to Hawaii, guest starring on this show? He has so many ties there after OWW and I can think of half a dozen roles he could play to perfection, from laidback surfer beach bum to the lawyer of someone Steve dangled off a building. Or, hell, the headmaster at Grace's school when it's (inevitably) under seige by sugar-crazed moppets on a chocolate high after the Easter egg hunt.

Lots of them under the cut and as ever, if you want to use them in any way just go ahead, no need to ask or credit or anything.

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We watched the final episode of Moonlight last night and gah, I hate that they cancelled it with a zillion loose ends like that! It was really getting interesting and I don't know how I missed it first time around. I'd definitely have been writing Mick/Josef fics, though I was never into Veronica Mars so Jason doesn't do much for me.

So I screencapped the Scene of Awesomeness (two of them actually) to soothe my miffiness that I'm all out of episodes now.

God, those two had a lot of chemistry and zing even when they weren't sucking on each other ::is wistful::

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