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( Jul. 21st, 2014 09:45 am)
Darling [personal profile] t_verano wrote me a belated birthday fic! It's Jim/Blair and it's right here.

I don't need to tell you it's good because I already told you who wrote it :-)
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( May. 29th, 2012 01:14 pm)
[personal profile] wesleysgirl wrote me a further installment in her Jim/Blair series!

Starting Over

It's sweet, funny, loving, just perfectly them.

The whole series can be read on AO3 here

::hugs WG tight::
This one's for [personal profile] garettgal whose prompt was 'I thought we were happy.'

Crunch Time

When he sees the boxes by the door, Blair realizes that his time with Jim is over. It hurts.

"I thought we were happy."

"Happy?" Jim blinks at him. God, Jim looks tired. Jittery. "No."

The boxes are labeled, taped neatly, stacked carefully. Blair frowns. Jim's not angry then. Just…

Hell is watching what you can't have through a window.

Blair sighs, finally getting it.

"Jim, you could have had me by crooking a finger. Love you, man." He steps closer, sees hope dawn in Jim's eyes. "Still want me to go?"

The kiss is all the answer he needs.
Title Search and Rescue
Author [personal profile] janedavitt
Web page Jane's Stories
Pairing Jim/Blair, Steve/Danny: crossover between The Sentinel and Hawaii Five-0
Rating NC17
Length 14,000 in total
Spoilers/Warnings None

Note: This story was written for [personal profile] heeroluva who kindly bid on it to raise money for the Australian flood victims in the auction at [profile] fandom_flood_ap; thank you so much!

[personal profile] wesleysgirl very kindly beta'd it and eliminated all the Britisms, bless her.

[personal profile] heeroluva wanted Steve and Danny as Sentinel and Guide ( I can so see that. It really, really works). It helps if you know the premise of The Sentinel, but I tried to explain it in the fic. I started with their first meeting in canon and let events unfold differently from there.

Search and Rescue )

Part Two
I'm such a lucky author. The wonderful [personal profile] laurie_ky podficced my Firefly/Sentinel story, 'Flying Into the Black' and the equally wonderful [personal profile] malnpudl podficced it for the Amplificathon in a remix.

Full details of both podfics are here.

I love how fics can get art for them and podded and remixed and riffed off...it's just this overflow of creativity and it's so exciting.
I see people posting their timed out Moonridge fics from Caro's Orgasm Anthology, themed around Blair's luscious mouth, so I will do likewise.

Many thanks to [personal profile] carodee for running this deliciously naughty anthology again and all who bid on it at Moonridge. ::hugs::

And many thanks to T Verano for beta reading this fic with her usual meticulous eye for detail ::smooches her::.

Title Let Him Kiss Me
Author [personal profile] janedavitt
Web page Jane's Stories
Pairing Jim/Blair
Rating NC17
Length 1900 words
Spoilers/Warnings Jim's in cuffs but it's playful, not D/s themed. Rimming.

Let Him Kiss Me )
People have been writing spanking fic to welcome [profile] ma_aaaa back and I couldn't not join in :-)

Good to have you here again!

This is 300 words and it could fit into the timeline of the other fics quite nicely.

Mab's untitled drabble is here

T Verano's is here

Snailbones did a gorgeous graphic here

and the lady herself did a gorgeous fic here.

Anticipation )
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( May. 7th, 2010 04:27 pm)
[personal profile] wesleysgirl writes this future Jim/Blair verse where they're settled in a house and it's just the most restful, real verse imaginable.

And because she loves me, she writes fics in it on my birthday ::loves WG::

Here is my one for this year ::beams and pets it::

Surely But a Fancy

ETA MORE birthday fic for me! ::is so lucky::

The adorable [personal profile] t_verano did me a lovely J/B drabble which is here
Title A Sneeze of Roses
Pairing Jim/Blair (UST)
Rating PG
Length 500 words
Spoilers None
Link A Sneeze of Roses

Written for the [profile] sentinel_thurs challenge of 'pollen'. Link to the fic on that comm.
Klaus Zeller (Udo Kier) was just on Chuck. Nice to see he survived the fall ;-)

I wonder how a Sentinel would cope with being the Intersect? Or if Blair got it emailed to him by his own Bryce? Hmm...could be fun.
Title Sensing Danger
Author [personal profile] janedavitt
Web page Jane's Stories
Pairing None
Rating PG
Length 568 words
Spoilers None.

Written for the 'sixth sense' challenge at [profile] sentinel_thurs

Sensing Danger
Title Endowment Policies
Pairing Jim/Blair (slash)
Rating R
Length 600 words
Spoilers None

A/N Not my most serious fic ever. Written for the [livejournal.com profile] sentinel_thurs 'spam' challenge.

Endowment Policies )
Title Blanket Permission
Pairing Jim/Blair (slash)
Rating PG13
Length 550 words
Spoilers None

A/N This is nominally about a recession, but as it's Earth Hour today, a hint of that crept in, too. It's kind of a weird little fic but I'm in that kind of a mood.

Blanket Permission )
[livejournal.com profile] t_verano has been so helpful when it comes to betaing my fic and in general being one of the most supportive, encouraging people out there. She's celebrating her birthday today and this fic's a small thank you for all she's done.

No spoilers, 200 words, and no, that's not a typo in the title, just part of a proverb :-)

May Bees )
This one's for [livejournal.com profile] aprilvalentine who wanted a fic where Blair gives Jim a kitten. 900 words, no spoilers, pure fluff.

Naturally :-)

What's New, Pussycat? )
Title Near and Far

Pairing Jim/Blair (slash)
Rating PG13
Length Drabble: 100 words
Spoilers Episode tag to Survival 2.22

Written for the 'star' challenge at [livejournal.com profile] sentinel_thurs

Near and Far

Jim likes stars. Remote, distanced, they just are, and he doesn't have to worry about them. He sits out on the balcony, his breath clouding the cool, damp air, and peers up through the telescope, then pushes it aside and gluts himself on a field of sparkles, with Blair close by to pull him back before he falls, lost in the spangled ink.

The bullet hole in Blair's thigh is star-shaped. Jim strokes the puckered, angry flesh, presses kisses onto it; does everything he can to make Blair feel unmarked, perfect, whole.

Remembers Blair falling, shot, lost.

Kisses him again.
Title Drive, Baby, Drive

Pairing Jim/Blair
Rating PG13
Length 250 words
Spoilers None

Written for the 'driving home' challenge at [livejournal.com profile] sentinel_thurs

Drive, Baby, Drive )
I had a review for one of my old Buffy fics on FF.net and after answering it, idly browsed through the TS section.

I thought I was seeing something when I spotted the words 'Arthur crossover' and I just had to click.

If you don't know the show (the books are by Marc Brown, Arthur is an aardvark, and it's a cartoon; I must've seen every episode a million times and can still sing Crazy Bus and the 'Having fun isn't hard, when you've got a library card' song) it won't mean much. If you have, go read, right now. It's not very long, totally G rated so you won't be traumatized in any way, and it captures DW's character perfectly (Machiavelli crossed with Napoleon).

I'm still snickering. Wonderful fic. Just so witty and sharp. Thank you [livejournal.com profile] wneleh



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