When you import a file into Windows Movie Maker does it take up double space on the hard drive? Is it like storing a duplicate copy of it? Because E has dozens of anime episodes on WMM to save importing them each time she vids and I'm wondering if it's why she's having so many crashes and why the computer is slowing up recently if you ask it to do more than one thing at once (although it's ancient, so there probably isn't a real reason beyond that, and yes, I've done deleting, defragging etc).

Should I tell her to clear the episodes off once she's finished a vid? Would that be a good thing?

And now I want to play hooky from writing and vid...been ages since I did one...
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( Nov. 27th, 2007 11:43 am)
Which do you find easier; vidding early on in a show's history when there are only a few episodes aired and you can hold all the scenes in your head but you're limited by the brevity of the source, or vidding with hundreds of episodes to work from when you know the perfect clip has to be there, but damned if you can -- quite -- locate it amongst the thousands of scenes?

Of course, some shows can have many seasons and yet you've seen every episode multiple times and know them well whereas a new show, one season in, you may have only watched the episodes a couple of times, even once...hmm.

Take Chuck; ten episodes aired; is that enough to vid from? I've seen vids based around one episode only, so I guess so... but is it easy to use one episode when it's one of many others, all providing a silent background? You do a Meridian vid and most of your viewers hold in their heads the whole Jack/Daniel backstory; vid a single Chuck episode and we still don't know the characters that well; there's not a lot to pin it to.

I guess good vidders have good memories.
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( Sep. 14th, 2007 09:40 am)
Have any of you ever had this overwhelming urge to vid the same song twice? The very first vid I did was a Stargate Jack/Daniel one to a Kim Possible song (Call Me, Beep Me), and it'd make a great Jim/Blair vid, too. It wasn't a commonly used song (I'm sure someone else must have used it, given how many vids are made, but I haven't seen it around) but it still feels a little odd to think about reusing it.

Hmm. And yet I want to. Maybe it's me that's odd :-)

Not that I have time to make a vid, mind you, but it's always nice to be thinking the next one over.
Quick question; I'm having that same problem again where, unless I play the vid from the start each time, the audio/video go out of sync. I've cleared the temp files, it's a Winamp file, not an MP3, the bit-rate is 128 so I've done everything that was suggested last time to fix it.

Anyway. While I was browsing the Tools/Options/Advanced I saw something about picture duration and transition duration; what should I have that set to? The default is 5/1.25. Is this something I need to tweak as a lot of my clips are short or is that not connected at all (feel free to roll your eyes pityingly at the depth of my ignorance; I won't mind ::g::)

I have the vid settings to NTSC and 16:9,

Thanks in advance!

ETA Fixed! I'm an idiot. The music WAS an mp3 after all... I converted it, reimported it and although the bitrate isn't 128, it seems to be working fine.

Many thanks for all the help!
WMM is being very, very naughty. Unless I play the song from the very start to get to the point I want to edit -- not something you want to do over and over when you're a minute and a half in -- the song and the images go out of sync so I can't edit a clip in the middle of the vid.

It's never done this before... tried rebooting, but no, doesn't help.

Damn, this is slowing it to a crawl. At least I cottoned on; I was starting to panic and think I needed to redo the whole thing as it was miles out and I thought I'd done an injudicious cut, or deleted an entire clip, or something.
...of things you shouldn't do with a deadline story that needs rewriting, fic that needs working on and a house which needs cleaning top to bottom (except not literally; the basement is scary)?

Start a vid.

But it's going soooooo well and it's so much fun...

I found a great song for the Simon vid I've been wanting to do for ever; Dylan's 'Stuck In The Middle With You' and decided to call today a holiday and work on it and then get back to proper work tomorrow.

Clowns to the left of me, jokers to the right... ::hums::

ETA Okay, maybe NOT Dylan ::blushes::. Stealer's Wheel, Rafferty and Egan according to Wiki. Hmm. In a paltry defence it was in David's Dylan folder in his Bearshare downloads and I'm useless at recognising bands.

ETA2 Simon is hot. He just so, so is.

Unlike writing, which is a constant (even today, a vidding day, I scrawled out a few paragraphs on a WIP) and reading (doubt a day in my life since age 5 has gone without me reading fiction, or not many. Three. I could picture three), vidding is an addiction that goes into hiding, then leaps out and pounces on me.

Consider me Tiggered.

And the song is longer than I like (three minutes is good; this is over four) so I'm left with 1.50 to fill and don't have a clue what to put in it yet so I've stopped for the night to sleep on it. And it's not trimmable, not really... although I might try...

Having fun, though! It's Welcome to the Jungle, a Sentinel vid, where it's all about Cascade and what it does to Jim, and Blair, too, a little. Kind of dark and not slash, not this time. I'm having fun using clips that are pretty new to me although there are some familiar ones in there, much though I tried not to because they're in so many vids. May end up cutting one at least... Happy with the first ten seconds, though ::pets ten seconds and calls it George::

I promise not to whine too much when I get discouraged.

I lie. I will whine. You KNOW I will.
A long time ago, well, June, I did my first vid, a Jack/Daniel to the Kim Possible song, 'Say the Word'. And it was a mess, but I loved it, and went rushing off and did several more, each getting progressively better because it's not hard to improve when you start as low down the scale as I did. For instance, I now know that it's a good idea to mute the clips as you add them because not all songs are loud enough to drown out the original audio. Yes. Moving on...

I had some incredibly helpful feedback on the vid from [livejournal.com profile] rydra_wong ::hugs her:; and I redid it, changing a lot of the clips, adding new ones, shortening others, getting rid of Shifu and Teal'c (pets him) and I think it's a smidge better.

And many thanks to [livejournal.com profile] wolfling for being there ::hugs::

And here it is. Around 18 MB, wmv.

Happy Birthday [livejournal.com profile] treebee! Hope you're having a wonderful day and it keeps getting better.

I'm off to collect Lauren from a princess birthday party (the three older brothers, up to a teenager, were all dressed as princesses, too, and having a whale of a time, bless them) and then we're going up to splash in our friends' pool and hot tub. It will be nice to relax.

I've finished the Jack/Paul/Daniel vid, or, rather, it's done for me, heh. It pretty much says what I want it to and I'm going to leave it at that and make the next one (once I've recovered) a tad less ambitious.

It's to Creep by Radiohead, which does have some swearing, just to warn you (I had to vid with the sound turned right down because of the kids which didn't help) it's around 25MB, and it's a Paul with severe issues lusting after Jack, who wants Daniel. So, sort of like Eclipsed, but even darker in a way.

It's on my webpage here

http://www.janedavitt.com/Vids.html 'Eclipsed'

Many thanks go to [livejournal.com profile] or_mabinogi for his helpful beta and encouragement :;hugs him:;

And tonight... I'm going to write. Or edit. Or watch the three Doctor Who episodes I have stacked up...anything but vidding ::g::
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( Jun. 17th, 2006 11:22 pm)
Tried to improve vid after some very helpful suggestions from [livejournal.com profile] or_mabinogi. Fucked up totally. Thank God I had the sense to save the original and work on a copy. I got some great new clips, started to weave them in, realised the story suddenly didn't make sense, tried to fix it, realised it wasn't fixable and made no sense now in any way, shape or form, and by then the original looked dodgy, too, as I'd gotten used to some of the new bits and -- and - ::pathetic whimpering sounds::

Going to go to bed. Try again tomorrow.

Wasn't this fun at some point? Where did all the fun go? Bring it back! I was enjoying this!
David left for England at 5.00 and as soon as the girls went to sleep I vidded. Just finished a two-day project; the Jack/Paul/Daniel vid to sort of go with Eclipsed, in that it's closer to how they are in the fic than in canon.

Well, closer to how Paul sees them, anyway; anyone who's read it knows he's not exactly the most level-headed, clear-sighted sort when it comes to lusting after Jack and being jealous/ drawn to Daniel ::g::

It's huge; 23 MB and a 4 minute song. I ripped 438MB of clips and would you believe it, got to the end and by sheer chance I'd replicated a tiny clip from the start. Maybe I can say it was on purpose to emphasise the circular, unchanging path that Paul's feet are set on; the treadmill of obsession to which he is tethered...er. Maybe I'll just find another clip :-)

It's hard vidding Paul; he doesn't get to do much. Mostly just stands and talks, looking intense, and rarely smiles. Most of the most interesting bits are when it isn't really him...

I'd like to get a second opinion on it as it's a little more ambitious than my others when it comes to the story, so if there's anyone with vidding experience who'd be willing to take a look, I'd be very grateful :;hopeful look::

But now I'm going to bed because I'm shattered.
It's rough in places and annoyingly it looks perfect in WMM and then a tad off when you play it in one spot, except for the times when it doesn't (what's that all about? ::baffled::) but, eh, it's amused me for long enough, and I have got to stop starting vids because they eat my brain.

This is about Sam, the song is 'It's Just You' another Kim Possible one, and it has S9 spoilers if that's a problem for anyone.

It's funny in places (well, I laughed...) and it's not 'shippy, it's just Sam, which is why the one possibly 'shippy moment is very much tongue in cheek.

Around 17 MB.
it's on my webpage here

http://www.janedavitt.com/Vids.html 'Calling'
I have finished the vid. It's entitled 'Calling' and it's a Jack/Daniel one.

It's totally, 100% my work so don't expect much if you d/l it, as it should be painfully obvious by now that this is all very new to me. And yes, I could've got it beta'd and polished and tidied by a propper vidder but they'd have probably, wisely, suggested scrapping it and starting over and for now the itch is scratched and I've got to-do stuff piling up that I've been ignoring for the last two days, because vidding has eaten up every scrap of spare time.

So. Much. Fun.

I loved it.

This is a breakdown of how I did it and the story behind it. A good vid wouldn't need the commentary but...well. Besides, I'm better at describing with words than pictures, which is why I'm a writer, not a vidder.

A writer whose existing awe and respect for vidders just went off the scale.

You can d/l it here if you want to; about 18MB,wmv, clips from S2-S7.


ETA Or don't, as I've been working on a revised, much better (that part was easy ;-)) version that'll be up soon... :-)

lyrics and stuff )

You don't have to download it and be tactfully kind; I know f/b on vids tends to be sparse even for the good ones and this is a lopsided homemade cake with runny icing of a vid.

I just wanted to do it, and now I have. That's good enough for me.

Did I mention the fun part? And that I'm a quivery heap of nerves?
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( Jun. 8th, 2006 05:03 pm)
Feel free to ignore as it's going to be very dull unless you're me, who finds me endlessly interesting.

Sometimes. Even I get bored by me now and then...

The central theme is a tad wobbly as I dither about whether Jack is a hero or not.

The bit I was so chuffed about yesterday is history.

I have gaping holes where I can't think of a clip to use and I've shoved a placeholder in (I want to leave it blank, but it won't let me)...

...and bits where I want to squish in too much and it's bulging at the seams.

I had one bit in the middle smack-on perfect...

...then went back to it and because I'd moved something earlier, it was now a crucial few beats wrong.

Being a beat off makes the baby Jesus cry.

I did a superduper, snazzy effect purely by accident as my finger slipped trimming a clip. Heh. Heheheh.
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( Jun. 7th, 2006 04:51 pm)
It was all getting very discouraging and then I tested what I had so far and a clip lined up with the music just dead on right and guh.

That felt good :-)

OK, the rest of it is all wrong but that bit. Oh, baybee...

I'll just work on it when I'm in the mood; it's going to take forever, so I promise I won't keep going on about it.

Just... that was nice. ::beams:;
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( Jun. 7th, 2006 12:07 pm)
I just cottoned on to the fact that I can add music really easily to clips. I tried and it worked.


That means I could make a vid.

Of sorts.

Be scared. Be very, very scared...

I mean, I couldn't make a good vid. You need some things to do that which I don't possess and never have; a lot of patience and a perfectionist streak. I'm an instant gratification girl and am the first to say, 'oh, that'll do; let's move on'. Plus an artistic sense (which I have a smidge of, no more; with words, yes, other stuff, not so much) and a sense of rhythm to hit the beat spot on (uh... no).

But I have this yen to do one. Don't have a song in mind, don't have a clue. Don't have the time.

Still want to. :;quivers:: Tell me I'm not the only one to have this sudden, crazy impulse which makes no sense whatsoever.


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