And it is also Willow's birthday; our little barn cat turns four today.

Eleanor took a photo of her in the violets and made it into a pillow for sale on her Redbubble site:

Very cute!

WillowPillow! )
in the snow.

We got 14 inches (measured it with the tape measure on the patio) and though the schools were closed, David had to go to work and it wasn't too awful out there. The girls and I cleared the drive and 70 foot of sidewalk four times and now the sky is blue and the snow is glittering.

Sending good thoughts to those of you who had twice that much and may have lost power.

I opened the patio door to take a snap of it and Willow hurtled past me, landed in it and gave us this look of pure astonishment as she realized how deep it was. I quickly changed to movie mode on the camera because I'm evil.

Any other cat would've come straight back in, but she decided to go further out before seeing sense. I feel bad that we were laughing at her, but we gave her many cuddles when she swam back.

Vid is here:


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