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( Nov. 14th, 2005 10:52 am)
David had to get up at 5.00 as he flew out to England today so he slept in the spare room. I was tired anyway so I expected I'd just drop off.

1.00. Still awake.

Then it was 4.00 but I couldn't remember sleeping, just lots of turning over and back.

Then it was 6.15 and I knew I'd slept a bit because I'd had a dream.

Then I lay there trying to get back to sleep before the 7.15 alarm.

Just so very tired today. I'm dropping things and speaking all jumbled up and fuzzy.

If I say something stupid today, bear the above in mind.

Ack. How did it get to be this late? Okay, off to write some more of the J/D. Hope to update today but it'll be tonight, not this afternoon.
Gakked from [livejournal.com profile] ladycat777

Put part of your fic in here, translate it into something (I picked Greek) and then back again.

I think I like the revised version better; there's something very Joycean about it... ::g::

Here's mine and I'll write a drabble of your choice for the first person to guess the fic.

Babble! )
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( Nov. 14th, 2005 10:58 pm)
I can't write any more fic because my brain is now solid, sleepy fuzz but I've got 1,000 words of chapter 8 done, so go me.

This metafluffle going on...eesh. I'm seeing a lot of flippancy from the sidelines and very little real heat; I think that says it all, really.

Bored now.

Been there, done that so many times already, and we all know how it'll end. In tears, or this time yawns.

Not that that sure and certain knowledge should stop the questions being asked; hell, no; go for it; why not. Beats talking about the weather.

Just... when you ask a question and get a reply chorused back at you in dutiful unison because yes, we're all word-perfect now and know where we stand, it's really, truly our answer.

We're not holding back The Truth to the Ultimate Question of Why f/f gets less written/feedback/respect/love than m/m. We don't know, either. We can guess, we can speculate, we can ponder deeply and make icons, but we don't know for sure.

But somehow, whenever people join the discussions and pipe up innocently with an answer, bless their cotton socks, there's this attitude, it seems to me, of, 'Oh, yes, of course, your fandom has more interesting male characters with a high drool factor/you like men/you're straight and girl on girl doesn't do it for you/slash is OMG transgressive and I wanna hang with the cool kids/ I'm a f/b 'ho and I know I'll only get my fix writing about dicks or whatever...

but what did the Romans ever do for us?!'

Because an honest answer, maybe flip, or maybe not, because I know damn well I'm not writing slash for any deep and meaningful reason that will get my fic a footnote in a scholarly analysis of slash, never seems to be enough.

I have written f/f. Not much, but I have. Fred/Lilah, Buffy/Faith, Tara/Anya, Willow/Tara... I think that's all of it. Oh; some AU Dru/Faith in Secretary; I think I did a bit of that section of the story. It's not something I feel drawn to do and in some ways that's interesting because ...how to put this? a lot of my kinks play out hottest in my head when they're f/f or m/f. I don't get off by thinking about m/m.

But when it comes to reading or writing smut I want m/m for the most part because that's hottest for me in that context and interests me more to read and explore through my own writing.

I'm just a mass of contradictions; isn't that rebellious and annoying of me? And if someone as mundane as me is that tangled up, I'm guessing an answer you can fit on an icon just isn't out there.

So what was the question again? Why does fandom prefer m/m to f/f?

We just do. Or don't. Who said we did anyway? What data are you using to make that assumption? Could it be.... feedback? :;shocked hushed whisper::

Everyone knows feedback's not a reliable way of judging the worth of a fic; why, some really, really good authors don't get much, and some really really shoddy, mediocre ones get lots! So you see how that's not a good yardstick _at all_. :;removes tongue from cheek::

Nope, that's not going to fit on an icon.

Darn it.

How about the answer I secretly suspect some people think is the real one.

To piss you off.

Is it working yet?


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