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( May. 11th, 2016 09:21 am)
It has been forever since I posted but I'm missing everyone lots. Somehow without a fandom to anchor me to LJ/DW, I drifted away :-((

So what's happening with me? Still writing; Alexa and I just sold a new book to Loose Id and I have a couple of solo projects I need to get on with. Eleanor has finished her Visual Creative Arts diploma at Sheridan, didn't get into their Animation course AGAIN, but by a whisker this time, and has been accepted to study animation at Seneca instead. It's a very small class of 40 and they're closely tied to Sheridan so it's a good alternative.

Lauren is doing very well at high school, getting great grades and getting involved in a FedProv club that's kind of like pretending to be politicians. Schools from all over the area met at a local uni for two days to hold a parliament; she was deputy minister of justice.

David's firm got taken over by Honeywell but his job is safe for the moment.

Renovating downstairs loo. Might be tiniest room in the house but it is taking WEEKS. Never use Ralph Lauren metallic paint; it is hugely expensive and does not cover well. Looking forward to finishing it though it's good for my Fitbit stepcount to have to do more stairs :-)

Mum is over visiting and we all went to see the Jungle Book. I was the sole dissenter. Adored the end credit sequence which was inspired, but found the movie meh. I wish someone would do a movie of the actual book; Disney screwed up the characters of Kaa and Baloo and this movie continued that. Kaa was Mowgli's friend, dammit.

Off to yoga at my friend's house; she's a yoga teacher now she's taken early retirement from IBM and we do a session a week for fun at her house. She's had a new puppy so we'll see how well she takes being shut out while we twist and bend :-)


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