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( Sep. 15th, 2016 05:27 pm)
...though super nervous. The two Gr 11 English teachers at Lauren's school asked me to come in and talk to their classes today about writing and my love of reading. Went really well. The kids were friendly, polite, and asked lots of really good questions.

So glad it went well. Now I can relax after fretting all week :-)
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( Jun. 2nd, 2016 07:06 pm)
Lauren, who's 15 now, openly bi, fiercely political, and a total fashionista, volunteers at the library. They asked the young volunteers to send in 7 photos, the best to be used on a poster advertising an upcoming selfie/snapchat competition run by the city (or something. I'm vague on what snapchat even is, lol).

She was volunteering today tidying shelves and a lady came up to her and said, you're the girl from the poster! Brilliant photo; you should make it a career!

Lauren said '???' and the woman took her to the poster on the wall at the top of the stairs and they'd chosen three of L's photos on the poster, including a selfie of her. So proud!

Here it is, plus the original selfie. She did the books on a chair, the book with a ripped page, and herself.

poster )
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( Jul. 25th, 2015 03:21 pm)
Lauren and I went to get trims and highlights and she went from long to pixie cut. She also has contacts now. So cute!

haircut )
Lauren graduated from middle school last night (I know; it's middle school! But they make a big fuss. Some of the dresses were fancy enough for the real deal in four years' time.). The hairdresser gave her an updo; the last picture is after the pins came out at midnight.
She had a wonderful time at the dance and we were very proud of her.

Some photos of her, Eleanor and me under the cut.

grad pix )
Yesterday I painted a long, low wooden table black. Transformed it. Looks stunning. L (12) walked in, studied it, and said quite seriously, "It looks smaller. I guess black really is slimming."

Tickled me to bits.
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( Jul. 3rd, 2012 12:56 pm)
Lauren just started to read a Babysitters Club book she got at a charity store -- and out dropped a pair of two dollar bills someone had used as bookmarks; how cool is that?

They're not legal tender now (not since about 1997) but it's fascinating to see them.

Eleanor informed me she learned in Sociology that one reason they were phased out was because prostitutes used to charge two bucks for their services. I'm....not quite sure how replacing a bill with a toonie would help. Oh, okay, this explains it, though it's not the reason they were phased out:

The $2 bill was viewed with suspicion in Western Canada. One theory for this was that $2 was the going rate for a prostitute in the early 1900s, so no one cashing their paycheque would accept the bill in case his wife found it and jumped to conclusions.

The aversion to the bill may also have had to do with trade with the United States and the tendency of Americans to shun the bill (associated in the U.S. with gambling and buying votes)

From the Wiki

Printing of the $2 bill ceased on February 18, 1997, with the release of the toonie, a coin that replaced it. These bills are virtually never seen in general circulation today, although there are many still being collected or otherwise held on to, since there are 109,271,483 notes that have not been returned to the Bank of Canada (as of 2006), which is more than the total number of $10 notes in circulation.[3]

The most recent banknote series that included the two-dollar note was released in 1986 (the "Birds of Canada" series), in which the two was a terra cotta colour. The front featured a portrait of Queen Elizabeth II; the back featured a meadow scene with two robins. The $2 bill from the "Birds of Canada" series (1986) was widely circulated, especially after the $1 note was withdrawn. The bill is also noted for being frequently used as the sole visible currency in the TV show The Kids in the Hall, generally to humorous effect.


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