If I read ONE MORE fic where character A and character B find out they have feelings about each other and in the space of a short paragraph, including that realisation, kiss, head upstairs and immediately have sex, I'll... I don't know what I'll do.


You thought you were straight!

You thought he didn't want you!

You don't just have one kiss, ONE, and immediately start shedding clothes and fucking.

Why? Why would you? Why?

So, okay, you've waited a long time. UST's been building. I get that. And you're guys (in any fic I read, that's pretty much a given) and maybe not so much with the talking (except... Daniel and Blair, not to name names, kind of are) and hey, horny 24/7 because you're in a fic and sorry, there's no escaping that. You don't get to have headaches.

But even so, even so, guys... there's no rush. You can spend a night smooching. You can discuss this, just a little. You can, oh, I don't know, act like the new relationship between you is more than just about the hot, hot sex since you're destined, fated lovers whom the gods have decreed belong together (again, kind of an inescapable thing).

Date! Cuddle! Talk! Work up to it slowly!

Or at least take three paragraphs to get naked and sweaty in a good way.

Just three.

Three's good.

even two would be nice
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