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( Sep. 17th, 2016 05:04 pm)
Eleanor was very resistant to changing her bathroom so it hasn't been decorated since she was 8. Now she's 21 I put my foot down. :-)

Not a reno; the flooring and fixtures need changing but we can't afford it right now. Just a refresh, but I like it.

I dug the fitted toilet roll holder out of the wall, put in new drywall and plastered, painted the walls lilac, painted the old wooden doors white, changed the handles, the mirror, the lights, and got a rug to hide the hideous vinyl floor a bit.

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( May. 23rd, 2016 04:31 pm)
Well, apart from a new lighting fixture and threshold, but the door is on, the loo flushes, and it no longer leaks under the sink!

We did it all ourselves, taking hours here and there over the last three weeks.

Word of advice; avoid Ralph Lauren metallic paint. It's hellishly expensive and goes on terribly.

Totally gutted the room, replaced bits of drywall, painted (ten bloody coats, thank you for nothing, RL) replastered, put down new subfloor and granite tiles, installed new loo and granite topped vanity.

Total cost, around $1500, which isn't bad. The vanity was 80% off b/c it's last year's color or something.

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( Oct. 22nd, 2015 09:06 pm)
David has a huge single malt collection that's taking up way too much room in the kitchen cabinets and bowing the shelves so we decided to build a cabinet for it from scratch using real, solid wood. Got to put doors on it, but here it is so far. It's red oak, wiped over with tung oil.

Table saws are scary as hell, fyi.

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Luckily the Davitt flood this year was me going into the basement and noticing a patch of wet carpet about the size of a coffee table. The copper pipe leading from the furnace to outside, presumably to carry away condensation, was dripping slowly, barely anything, but even so, wet patch.

I channeled Buffy and muttered 'full copper repipe' several times.

Honestly, we will never dare finish that basement. Ever. At least with the pipes exposed we can see when they leak.
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( Sep. 22nd, 2013 06:22 pm)
Here's the en suite bathroom in all its glory. Still need to find a new bathmat and touch up here and there, but it looks huge now; really like it.

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As those of you who've been reading this LJ for a few years might remember, we've had a couple of floods, some leaking into the basement, some from the basement. So when I heard water rushing in a pipe down there with no obvious reason, that carried on running after we shut it off at the mains, I got antsy and called in the city. They came yesterday and confirmed there is a leak in the main line running to the street. They came back this morning and with this machine dug a hole down and said it's on our side so we have to deal with it. They shut off the water to stop gallons more leaking into the soil and I'm waiting for a plumber now. I filled the baths and lots of buckets.

The only tiny shred of good news is that we won't be charged for all the water wasted as it's happening on the other side of the meter.

The city man said he thought it was all happening under the basement floor, right where it comes in, so to start there, dig up the concrete and hopefully it can be fixed there. Otherwise, we'll have to dig up all the front garden and replace the old copper pipe down there with plastic; six, seven thousand dollars or more.

And the insurance company said it isn't covered. Meep.

Cross your fingers for us.

ETA Man came, I okayed it to all be dug up (5,200 to replace all pipe, 1900 to do exploratory dig in basement with no guarantee there isn't more than one leak; no brainer). He said no reason not to turn water back on and he's booked us in for early next week. Got to get permits and such.

Sigh. Could be worse, I guess.
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( Nov. 1st, 2012 05:48 pm)
Since we redecorated the bedroom, I've been saying how bare and big it looks and how nice a chaise longue (chaise lounge over here) would be under the window.

Browsing around the local antique mall, I saw one yesterday, circa 1890 in a pale cream brocade, just gorgeous. I glanced at the price and it was $295! Brand new cheaply made ones are more than that. David didn't seem keen, but I went back today, thinking maybe I'd misread the price, and took a pic with my phone and emailed David.

He came home early with our friend Steve and they had my chaise with them!!!

It's so pretty. The cats are on it as I write this. One hint of a claw and they're banned from the bedroom FOR LIFE.

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( Jun. 3rd, 2012 04:11 pm)
Unbreakable :-)

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( Apr. 13th, 2012 11:50 am)
We ended up buying the Bissell 2x pet stain cleaning carpet steamer ($80 cheaper at Canadian Tire than it was at Sears, so it paid to shop around).

I've done all the downstairs rooms and two bedrooms and the hallway upstairs. Now comes the hardest rooms; E and L's plus the stairs. The stuff on the floor! Yikes!

Many of the rooms haven't been cleaned since we moved in, or fifteen years for the old carpet, about seven for the newer stuff we put down on the ground floor. I can safely say that at $249 dollars plus $20 for the cleaner, the machine could blow up on Monday and it's still paid for itself three times over. The filth it's gotten up is horrifying and yet satisfying because look, there that black water goes down the sink and I'm not walking on dirt anymore.

At first we thought the gobs of gray fluff it churned up were cat hair but I think it's just carpet fibres and gunk. I stop and pick it up so it doesn't clog the machine and each room yields enough to fill a cereal bowl.

So, so gross. And not in a good, Paul Gross way.

Obviously this is something I'm going to need to repeat a few times to get it all truly clean, but it's a start. I'm marveling at how hidden that dirt was. The carpets looked okay and they get vacuumed often. Sheesh.
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( Feb. 28th, 2012 02:04 pm)
Still working on art for the walls, but I found a cute funky faux-leather storage chest and some interesting mirrors...

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( Feb. 18th, 2012 07:40 pm)
I can't find a photo of the computer room before we decorated it; must have one but eh, so many folders, so little time. When I decided to decorate, I just got stuck in and forgot to take some :-(

Anyway, here's midway and end product. Just got to find some art for the walls and something to put in the corner...

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( Feb. 8th, 2012 01:34 pm)
I saw a wall in a magazine painted the most delectable purple; think a Cadbury's bar. Amazingly, all the family agreed it was stunning and David suggested we use it to paint the only room in the house left the way it was when we bought it nearly 15 years ago, the computer room.

It was their dining room, and had a chandelier but hello, we're not the kind of people who need a dining room.

Or a chandelier...

Anyway, it was also wallpapered, a dark green with a pattern. I had a go at stripping it off with the usual hand tools, failed, and rented a steamer thingummy yesterday, confident that thusly armed, the stuff would be coming off cleanly in great big swathes instead of tiny shreds.

Ha! I worked from ten to seven then stopped, exhausted, bruised and spattered with scalding steam and drips. All the actual paper is off, but the paper lining is mostly still on there. The idiots only went and papered directly onto the plasterboard, apart from a border of red paint running around the room to waist height. I'm pulling off bits of the skim coat and gouging it with the scraper...it's a mess.

I think we're going to need to get someone in to skim it again. If we try to patch it, it'll show through the paint and reskimming the wall, eh, it's a job for the professionals. We fixed a small, dark corner of our bedroom ourselves but it's far from perfect and a whole room? No.

I keep staring at the magazine and trying to psych myself up and not burst into tears at how much work there is to do.

I've done one wall now, getting every scrap off and washing it down. That was an easy wall with double glass doors in it. Still took an hour. Gah.
We didn't get NCIS on Monday in Canada; it's on tonight, probably because of Thanksgiving.

I did watch House. I gave up on it last season but I watched last week's because it came on when I was on the sofa with a cat on my knee, i.e. immobilised and I enjoyed it.

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( Aug. 23rd, 2011 08:26 pm)
Not quite done; need to paint the woodwork, get a new duvet cover and some art for over the bed, but we're almost there.

Thanks for all the advice and interest! The room looks way lighter now.

Going behind the cut to discuss both episodes --oh and House last night, too (still haven't seen Castle).

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( Oct. 14th, 2008 10:20 pm)
Nothing too long, but going behind the cut.

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I hope those are the right episode numbers, this time :-)

Going behind the cut, episode spoilers, natch.

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( Sep. 23rd, 2008 09:56 pm)
I'm an idiot; there's a VCR in the basement. So I taped House down there (sound iffy but watchable) and watched/taped NCIS upstairs.

So I've seen them both, no waiting :-)

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Going behind the cut. Not squeeful, just to warn you.

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