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( Sep. 17th, 2016 05:04 pm)
Eleanor was very resistant to changing her bathroom so it hasn't been decorated since she was 8. Now she's 21 I put my foot down. :-)

Not a reno; the flooring and fixtures need changing but we can't afford it right now. Just a refresh, but I like it.

I dug the fitted toilet roll holder out of the wall, put in new drywall and plastered, painted the walls lilac, painted the old wooden doors white, changed the handles, the mirror, the lights, and got a rug to hide the hideous vinyl floor a bit.

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Asked Eleanor to do Transformers vid to theme of Mighty Machines (Prowl/Jazz 4eva!) She did. So funny.


We're all hooked on those Robots in Disguise... My favorite iteration is Transformers Prime; brilliant animation. Working our way through the original G1 series. Very cheesy but fun.
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( Jun. 30th, 2016 02:54 pm)
Eleanor has a Redbubble account where she uploads art and it gets put onto stuff. I asked her to upload a photo of mine and I bought it as a chiffon top, very light and cool.

So happy with how it turned out! Though it needs ironing :-) It's a maple leaf on the pavement outside the Ottawa Parliament buildings.

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Lat night was Eleanor's grad ceremony at Sheridan College. She got a diploma, with honors, in Visual Creative Arts and in Sept she starts animation at Seneca Uni.

So we all drove to Oakville. Eleanor needed to be in the robing room at 6.30, we needed to be in our seats at 7.15, and we arrived at 5.45 so we split up, E to meet with a friend who lives two mins from the college, us to shop in the vicinity.

At 6.40 get a frantic call from E; WRONG CAMPUS. She'd met another student in similar pickle and turns out we should've been 37km away by Square One Mall at the Living Arts Center.

It said LAC on printout but no address and E assumed it was part of the campus she didn't know.


Cue frantic dash, googling address, begging Garmin to find the bloody satellites. Got there at 7.01, dropped E off outside building (wrong building but not too far away from the place) and parked.

All went well in the end but stressful as heck.

And she got a job for the summer washing dishes in the local bar. Which is something and she's still earning steadily from sales on Redbubble.

describes me so often if you substitute 'housework' for 'homework'.


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( Oct. 19th, 2015 10:36 pm)
Eleanor went to vote in the Canadian General Election tonight. She handed over proof of ID and the woman gave her a rueful smile and said, "Oh, darling, you have to be over eighteen to vote."

Through gritted teeth, Eleanor said, "I AM TWENTY."

She gets this all the time.
And it is also Willow's birthday; our little barn cat turns four today.

Eleanor took a photo of her in the violets and made it into a pillow for sale on her Redbubble site:


Very cute!

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( Jun. 4th, 2015 06:44 pm)
Eleanor's wonderful (biased? Me?) fan and original art can now be bought on mugs and T-shirts and things:


So cool!
Such a change! She's home for reading week after handing in her portfolio for attempt three at getting into the animation program at Sheridan. Fingers crossed... She's doing well in the Visual and Creative Arts program there though.

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( Mar. 13th, 2014 10:15 pm)
Eleanor just drew this for a project at college; all the provinces and states as people. We're having fun guessing who is who :-)

This is the list: Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia, Ontario, Prince Edward Island, Quebec, and Saskatchewan. The three territories are Northwest Territories, Nunavut, and Yukon. I think she's done them as they'd look on a map...

Such an emotional night! All those young men and women up on the stage and many of them I remember from my days as a volunteer at kindergarten, showing them how to use scissors and helping them to read.

Eleanor had three close friends and all of them got awards which made me very happy. Eleanor was awarded the Frank Panabaker Art Award ($500) and graduated 18th in her year with a grade average of 93.25% which is excellent.

The school is such a nice one. I do wish Lauren could go to it but it's outside our catchment area; Eleanor went because she was a French immersion student and our closest high school didn't offer that course. Galt Collegiate is older than Canada; this was its 161st graduation ceremony. They inducted two former students into their Stairway of Excellence, one of whom died some time ago, a well-known speed skater and the other Marcus Riley who was present and gave a great speech. He's won seven Emmies and works for NBC in Chicago.

Firrhaana Sayanvala won many academic awards last night but also one awarded by the Governor General of Canada; the Philanthropist Award for the top teen philanthropist for community spirit and volunteerism.

I was very pleased to see that the vast majority of awards were won by young women :-)

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( Oct. 9th, 2013 11:10 am)
Eleanor's high school just called; it's Commencement soon when all the kids come back and graduate and she is to be getting an award for her art so they want her there early.

Super excited. it's the Frank Panabaker Award for Arts and here's a bit about him (he was connected to the Group of Seven and went to her high school, Galt Collegiate Institute. Which looks like Hogwarts and has ghosts :-))):

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( Sep. 18th, 2013 12:35 pm)
Years back, a school play Eleanor helped write and acted in was picked up by a publisher. She's made a few hundred dollars in royalties and it gets shown a few times a year across the US mostly.

It's now up there on Amazon: Txt U Later.

How cool is that?

I can still remember a man in the audience bursting out into laughter as Eleanor really got going with her portrayal of a manic guidance counselor with an insane sockpuppet...
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( Jun. 7th, 2013 08:12 pm)
Tonight is Eleanor's prom and I can close to shedding a tear or two as she drove off from the photoshoot in the park with her friends.

[personal profile] autobadgirl very kindly came over to do her makeup and wow. Just wow. She looked stunning; still my baby but so elegant looking.

So proud of her and what she's accomplished at high school, on the honor roll every time pretty much and soon off to Sheridan to begin her journey to becoming an animator (with luck).

Few photos under the cut of the shoot in the park. That strap showing in the first one is her purse not her bra :-)

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Before Christmas, Eleanor was asked to contribute a logo to an online project, which she did (and was paid for so she's now a pro artist!).

The project is 'Verity', and if you have [personal profile] scarlettgirl on your f-list, you will already know about it as she is one of the people behind it.

The web page is here and it is all about Doctor Who with six women discussing the episodes in a regular podcast which can be downloaded. The first one is live and broke the top ten podcast downloads on iTunes in Australia and the UK which is wonderful.

Eleanor did the logo of the chair and the scarf.
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( Jun. 21st, 2012 09:59 pm)
There was a meme a bit ago on Deviantart where you redrew something you did a while back. This was Eleanor's drawing in 2005 and now; what a difference!

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It'd be kind of fun to do that with a drabble...something short, see if you'd tweak it or not. I have a feeling something I wrote the first year I was doing it could definitely be much improved, but I don't think it would be as dramatic a change.
Eleanor just came home from high school with not one but two awards: 'Senior Artist of Distinction' and 'Excellent Performance in Graphics Animation'

So proud of her! She had to wear something nice so I persuaded her into a dress, heh, the horror.

Usually on a Saturday, Eleanor slouches out of bed late, occupies the computer chair and doesn't move from it until bedtime.

Today we woke to find she'd cleaned her bedroom, had breakfast, and, since it snowed, she offered to shovel the drive.

She just came back in and went up to change as she was hot and sweaty. Then came down to say she'd noticed the laundry basket was full, should she start off a load.

At this point I screamed, 'David! Alien possession alert!'

As I type this, she came in to say Mac had thrown up a hairball. I said I'd deal with it and she said, no, she'd take care of it.

Lauren is clinging to me and whimpering with fear.
With uni applications and such in the near future, Eleanor has to think about her portfolio.

She's developed her first original cartoon short idea, and I have to say it sounds fun and I like how she's drawn him.


Derek the Grave Register

Derek runs a goth shop in a typical town. Well, goth shop to you, Necromancy shop to...well, necromancers. When Derek isn't selling key chains and nail polish, he's taking requests from the wizards who specialize in the dead. These wizards ask for spirits and monsters, and Derek's job is to wake them up in the underworld and deliver them to their masters. Unfortunately, sometimes the spirits can get feisty, and Derek can sometimes get himself in a bit of trouble. But hey, work's work. No big deal.

I got her a ton of cartoon-making stuff for Christmas, art supplies, guides, storyboard panels and such, so let's hope they weren't for nothing ;-)
The place where they make Fanboy and Chum Chum has a fanboard where they stick up the best pieces of fanart they find online to inspire them and Eleanor made it!!!

See here:

She's on the bottom row, third from the right as you look at it, under the pic with the hearts.

She's bouncing up and down here :-)


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