With uni applications and such in the near future, Eleanor has to think about her portfolio.

She's developed her first original cartoon short idea, and I have to say it sounds fun and I like how she's drawn him.


Derek the Grave Register

Derek runs a goth shop in a typical town. Well, goth shop to you, Necromancy shop to...well, necromancers. When Derek isn't selling key chains and nail polish, he's taking requests from the wizards who specialize in the dead. These wizards ask for spirits and monsters, and Derek's job is to wake them up in the underworld and deliver them to their masters. Unfortunately, sometimes the spirits can get feisty, and Derek can sometimes get himself in a bit of trouble. But hey, work's work. No big deal.

I got her a ton of cartoon-making stuff for Christmas, art supplies, guides, storyboard panels and such, so let's hope they weren't for nothing ;-)
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From: [personal profile] james

Wait, what? WHAT? How can you have a kid old enough to be thinking about university?!? WHEN DID THAT HAPPEN.
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From: [personal profile] litotease

Eleanor gets more impressive and inspiring all the time. I love when you post samples of her work. You did good work there, Mom.

Also, geez, when did your kid get get old enough to be thinking about uni applications??!? How did that happen?!?!?
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From: [personal profile] litotease

HA! James beat me to the punch! With the exact same question and comment, even, so there must be something to it. Y'all are warping time; that's the only answer. ::nods::
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From: [personal profile] justhuman

She is not 17 - you are making that up!

I love her idea - it's the of show that I would tune into.
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From: [personal profile] bluewolf458

It's a great story idea! But I can't help thinking that it's art college she should be applying for when the time comes. (I knew she had to be at least sixteen when you're sharing fandom stuff with her.)
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From: [personal profile] samjohnsson

That is a brilliant idea - I could easily see it for all sorts of audiences.


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