Before Christmas, Eleanor was asked to contribute a logo to an online project, which she did (and was paid for so she's now a pro artist!).

The project is 'Verity', and if you have [personal profile] scarlettgirl on your f-list, you will already know about it as she is one of the people behind it.

The web page is here and it is all about Doctor Who with six women discussing the episodes in a regular podcast which can be downloaded. The first one is live and broke the top ten podcast downloads on iTunes in Australia and the UK which is wonderful.

Eleanor did the logo of the chair and the scarf.
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From: [personal profile] sid

How completely awesome! And they gave her her own link on the web page!
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From: [personal profile] helenkacan

How fabulous for her! And it's a lovely bookend to yesterday's celebratory news.

Eleanor may be intrigued to know that the logo looks different when it's against a background of a different colour. My default is black, so I can see the first two (banner and logo square) against white but the others are pulled back into darkness.

Anyway, I'm really happy for Eleanor. Why? Because the bar has been raised so high in the last decade (at least) for students pursuing higher formal education in the arts that it's no longer enough to be eager. The more demonstrable proof of talent ... the better.
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From: [personal profile] wesleysgirl

I don't know how I missed this until now but that is the BEST logo, I love it!!!!!


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