Lat night was Eleanor's grad ceremony at Sheridan College. She got a diploma, with honors, in Visual Creative Arts and in Sept she starts animation at Seneca Uni.

So we all drove to Oakville. Eleanor needed to be in the robing room at 6.30, we needed to be in our seats at 7.15, and we arrived at 5.45 so we split up, E to meet with a friend who lives two mins from the college, us to shop in the vicinity.

At 6.40 get a frantic call from E; WRONG CAMPUS. She'd met another student in similar pickle and turns out we should've been 37km away by Square One Mall at the Living Arts Center.

It said LAC on printout but no address and E assumed it was part of the campus she didn't know.


Cue frantic dash, googling address, begging Garmin to find the bloody satellites. Got there at 7.01, dropped E off outside building (wrong building but not too far away from the place) and parked.

All went well in the end but stressful as heck.

And she got a job for the summer washing dishes in the local bar. Which is something and she's still earning steadily from sales on Redbubble.


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