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There was a meme a bit ago on Deviantart where you redrew something you did a while back. This was Eleanor's drawing in 2005 and now; what a difference!

It'd be kind of fun to do that with a drabble...something short, see if you'd tweak it or not. I have a feeling something I wrote the first year I was doing it could definitely be much improved, but I don't think it would be as dramatic a change.
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Wow! Iteration a billionty: E is so damned talented!
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E is an amazing artists - her art always brings a smile to my face :)
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That is... quite amazing, though the original still has a lot going for it - the emotion expressed on the two faces is quite different; I can feel the first one sort of drawing abashed circles on the ground with her toe, while the second is more self-confident.

Re drabbles - I'm not sure you could rework a drabble, which because of its very nature has to be totally concise - though it might be interesting to take one and expand it, using it as a starting point for something a good bit longer. Though if you wanted to do that with the idea, you wouldn't have written it as a drabble in the first place... Ah, don't heed me, I'm just rambling...
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You know, I saw this last night and meant to comment - oops. Aaaaaanyway - I think that the 2005 version is very good. I certainly couldn't do that, and I really like it. The 2012 version was clearly done by a professional artist. Damn, that girl is GOOD. :) There is just so much talent in your family, Jane. Awesome.



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