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([personal profile] janedavitt Oct. 19th, 2015 10:36 pm)
Eleanor went to vote in the Canadian General Election tonight. She handed over proof of ID and the woman gave her a rueful smile and said, "Oh, darling, you have to be over eighteen to vote."

Through gritted teeth, Eleanor said, "I AM TWENTY."

She gets this all the time.
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From: [personal profile] sharpest_asp

I live with 3 women between 8 and 13 years my junior. We were all together, all helping split the cost of a big supply run... and the cashier only carded me.

So I empathize with her!
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From: [personal profile] mab_browne

SO what's the point of looking at the ID card if you don't check the DOB?

This was never my problem. I apparently always looked very mature. :-)
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From: [personal profile] bluewolf458

I'm always being told I don't look or sound my age, which at my age is quite flattering... But I remember, many years ago... I was in my early twenties, and in my first teaching job, and one of my pupils happened to be sitting beside me on a bus, 4pm on the way home. She paid for her (child) ticket, then I paid, handing over the adult payment... and the conductor refused to accept it, saying that no, I wasn't old enough to pay the adult fare... and he absolutely insisted on giving me back the difference. (I don't know what school he thought I attended because the only one near that bus route was the one with under 12s where I was teaching, and I can't believe I looked under 12.) Meanwhile, my pupil was sitting with her mouth open, clearly stunned, and I bet she had a good tale for the rest of the class next day.
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From: [personal profile] bluewolf458

Let's just say I was glad when I reached my stop without an inspector coming onto the bus. :-)
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From: [personal profile] green_grrl

With ID card in hand?! Sigh.

However CONGRATULATIONS on the election!!! May Harper sink into permanent obscurity.
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From: [personal profile] calime

Not sure if it's any consolation, but it happens to a lot of us. At home, where drinking age is 18, I last got carded two years ago. I also got carded yesterday in the US, where drinking age is 21. I'm 39 :) I've just...learned to accept it. At least the carding-in-shop-part. Not so much the part where older male clients question my professional competency on the basis of me looking young, but, well.


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