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( Sep. 10th, 2014 09:41 am)
is the boot kissing scene from at 1.13 of this Steve/Bucky plus other characters vid? It's a Fifty Shades paraody, BDSM, very hot.

I looked at Stan's IMDb page and couldn't narrow it down. Kings maybe? I enjoyed the first few episodes of that then lost interest a bit.

ETA Okay, not so hot in context...must be his father's boots in Kings from this dialogue.

Jack Benjamin: I come to beg forgiveness.

[Silas motions for Jack to approach]

King Silas Benjamin: Forgiveness is a form of love, and I do not love you.

Queen Rose Benjamin: Silas...

Jack Benjamin: [whispering, almost inaudibly] Yes, you do.

King Silas Benjamin: ...Kneel.

King Silas Benjamin: [seeing Jack's hesitation] ... *Kneel*.

[Jack slowly drops to his knees]

King Silas Benjamin: Now kiss the ground I walk on.

Queen Rose Benjamin: Silas!

King Silas Benjamin: ...Your mouth's been in dirtier places.

[wincing, Jack prostrates himself and kisses the floor at Silas' feet]

King Silas Benjamin: That's the second time your mother's given you life... It'll be the last.

And this old article about Sebastian is pretty funny


[profile] starwatcher307 linked to this; boosting the signal.

I can only watch it here.
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( Dec. 7th, 2011 07:42 pm)
I'm not really in the fandom, but I started reading the books when there were only two out, have been to the movies to see every one, and took the girls around Gloucester Cathedral when we went home once so they could see where things were filmed, so I guess I'm in it to a certain extent.

Anyway, Eleanor pointed me to a vid that came out in the summer (so anyone already in the fandom will know it) but for anyone who enjoys the books/movies but that's it who may not have seen it, go, watch.

It's brilliant.

vid (is big :-)) )
I was in a store on Sunday and this song came on and I thought, that would be perfect to vid to for Castiel. Then I thought, well, but probably a million people did already. Then I thought, so what, and did it anyway.

Spoilery for 7.1 so avoid it if you haven't watched it.

It's short because I chopped the song down and it's about 15MB on MU


and here on YT.


David watched a bit and said with an eye roll, "I see what you did. You cut it so it looks like Dean and Castiel are giving each other loving glances."

I replied that I hadn't done a damn thing to the clip and that was the show, thank you very much.

vid )
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( Sep. 4th, 2011 10:29 am)
I did another Suits vid. I go months without vidding then suddenly MUST VID.

This is one that turned out to be a little Trevor/Mike in the middle and has no Harvey (!). It's about Mike's feelings of disorientation in his new world.

Music by The Doors; People are Strange.

vid under cut )
I'm watching an episode of True Blood most nights, catching up (we're just at the end of S2) and I adore the theme tune by Jace Everett. So I used it to do a Harvey/Mike vid.

The story behind the vid developed as I made it. Harvey sees Mike and is instantly smitten with lust. He seduces Mike who's initially on board, but then Harvey gets intense, giving him all these lists of things he has planned (total kink of mine. Huge. And don't get me started on the finger crooking scene that gets Mike in Harvey's car) and Mike backs off, not sure Harvey cares for him beyond the sex.

Harvey tells Mike that he does, but realizes Mike's not ready and walks away. Mike, coming to see how much he needs Harvey, pursues him, handing over a list of his own, but he's drunk and Harvey won't listen until Mike sobers up and then tells him.

Finally, they're both on the same page at the same time...

As ever when I vid, it's amateur hour, but I had fun with it. It's on MU here at around 15 MB


Or here on YT.

vid embedded under cut )
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( Mar. 9th, 2011 12:07 pm)
It was incredibly naughty of me with a book to write but I had this sudden yearning to vid and Eleanor enabled me by pointing me at this thing people do where they change the pitch of a song so it sounds like a guy's singing it. You can do it in Sony Vegas apparently, what do I know :;clings to nice and easy Windows Movie Maker::

The song was Crazy Possessive by Kaci and God, the lyrics fit Danny so well. The scene where Steve's SEAL buddy turns up? Oh, yeah, he's possessive. Sadly, I've had to abandon the vid. I can't get my vision onto the screen and it'd take weeks to do it which I don't have.

Plus, I suck at cutting to the beat.

But the song is catchy in a slightly NSFW earwormy way (this is the 'muck you up' not 'fuck you up' version), so I share it here and if anyone else wanted to do it, that would be awesomely cool, yes.

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( Feb. 5th, 2011 03:49 pm)
[profile] eleanorose123 did a great vid, multi-fandom, about bullying, set to Superchick's 'Hero'. She's got a real knack for getting the emotions out there. The song does mention cutting/teen suicide.

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( Dec. 2nd, 2010 06:10 pm)
A poster on TWoP just pointed at a great YT vid of AOL with his tattoos (some real, some fake) on display in various movies.

That's not all he's showing off either...

NSFW in places. Nice bum but OMG, there's this one shot with his jeans slipping and showing off those hollows at the hips...guh.

[profile] eleanorose123 has done an Invader Zim vid to the Marilyn Manson version of 'This is Halloween' and by The Tallest, it's pretty awesome :-)

She got her BFF to post it to YT for her and it's here (definitely good to watch in full screen)


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( Jun. 8th, 2010 04:46 pm)
Someone on YT ran a competition for vids (AMVs) set to Adam Lambert songs. Sixty entries and five winners, plus a handful of Hon Mentions, one of whom was Eleanor with a really cool Invader Zim vid set to Mad World.

She's getting so good at these ::is left in the dust::

This is my first attempt at a LKBV*, a concept I usually feel I'm not cool enough to quite grasp, but, hey, it's a Kiss song, so it's sort of halfway there already (don't lick me, Gene! :-))

It's set to the Kiss song 'Hear it Loud', around 16MB, and it's just me having fun with poor Jim's ears getting deafened.

Here's a Mediafire link;

ETA replaced link with one that doesn't have a minute of dead air at the end :;rolls eyes at me:;

If you want to watch it and that link doesn't work for you, let me know and I'll use YSI.

It'll go up on my site as usual in a few days.

*Lord King Bad Vid. Vids using a dire, cheesy, usually 80s song you remember well from your past and can't resist vidding to. A crack!vid, an indulgence, an ironic exploration... whatever. Something. They're funny :-)
I finished the vid I was working on; pure fun, this one, and there's a bit in it that makes me grin happily every time I see it (heck, even David thought it was funny and he views vids with a deep and abiding apathy).

It's The Stray Cats' song, Stray Cat Strut, which I saw them do live at the Student's Union bar way back when.

Summary: Blair's humping table legs and Jim's watching, bemused. Definitely not a slash vid except this is TS so if you wanted to read it as Blair trying to provoke Jim into pouncing on him, well, I'm not going to stop you...

It's not a proper vid; it's 30 seconds long and just me having fun smooshing together some clips of Womack and Ellison and Jim's reaction to his descendant ;-) The song's the Sentinel soundtrack.

And now I'll get on with the housework. I'm far too easily distracted.

Google vid under the cut.

Flying Into the Black )

Or d/l it here

Okay, I'll stop whining and just post it. The music still ends at a different point in WMM than it does in the finished one, but I've tried deleting the music track and repasting it in with no success and I guess it's okay like this (can you tell I have the attention span of a mayfly?)

ETA; fixed the music (a bit) and reuploaded the file.

Around 18MB, wmv.

This is another angsty vid (they really do make it easy to do them, which is odd considering how many cute, happy moments there were). It's based mostly around the 'Sentinel, Too' arc, with Jim literally drowning in guilt and loss over what happened to Blair.

It's the Rolling Stones' version. David asked why I didn't do it to the Glenn Tipton cover and played it to me last night. OMG, because it's crap, that's why!



This Queen song, like Scarborough Fair, was one I grew up listening to and, as a child, misunderstood and thought it was romantic.

It so is not.

It's stalkery, obsessive, dark and I had this need to vid to it and tried very hard to make it from Jim's POV but had to give up at the storyboard stage and flip it, because it's Blair with the adolescent crush, Blair with the driving need, Blair who follows, endlessly trailing after his god, his goal, his grail.

As ever, it doesn't say what I wanted it to as well as I wish it would. I despair sometimes when it comes to vids. And yet I keep on doing them.

But I didn't whine about this one; I'm getting better on that front ;-)

It's around 24 MB, wmv.


Or, under the cut, if I've done this right, you can watch it on YouTube, but without downloading, I guess...it might not be there right away, though; it's still in processing.

vid )
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( Jun. 25th, 2007 02:15 pm)
[livejournal.com profile] t_verano, this one's for you :-)

I snagged this gorgeous icon from [livejournal.com profile] juice4711 yesterday and when she said it came from 'Reunion' I clipped the few seconds it's in because, well, damn.


Google clip )
This is a, well, I don't know what to call it. A 19 second vid. A vid drabble.

I was listening to ELO's 'Mr Blue Sky' and thought about how Blair's eyes are always getting compared to blue things. Like the sky. And then I thought about Cypher and David Lash and the lyrics

Mister Blue, you did it right
But soon comes Mister Night, creepin' over
Now his hand is on your shoulder
Never mind I'll remember you this
I'll remember you this way

just seemed to fit their dynamic so I vidded those 19 seconds.

(Yes, I know it's a weird thing to do and a bad habit to get into. I just miss vidding and don't have time to do one and this scratched the itch.)

Google vid under here )

And it's on Mediafire here

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( Apr. 27th, 2007 01:42 pm)
I gave into the urge and clipped the five seconds of Jim putting his hands behind his back and crossing his wrists. Google vid of it under the cut.

I suppose I could go into detail about why that turns me into a happily whimpering Jane, but I probably don't need to...

clip from Prisoner X )
I started this vid yesterday and although there were moments where I did my usual freaking out it slotted together incredibly fast.

It's about 10 MB, Jim's POV, and it's set to the Queensryche version of Scarborough Fair. It uses (spoilery) clips from 3.18 'Love Kills', 3.23 'Sentinel Too, Part One', 4.4 'Dead End on Blank Street' and 4.8 'The Sentinel by Blair Sandburg'.

The basic theme is the same as the song; a lover's betrayal.

And it's angsty as hell, but trust me, the original ending had me practically in tears before I realised I couldn't do it ::g::





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