I was all set to write a meta post about Jim Ellison: The Human Hero because I'm getting a lot of comments about what a git he was in Mile in Your Shoes (and he totally WAS) and I had all these thinky thoughts about that being what I love about the character; that he is this petty, grudge-bearing, sometimes childishly petulant man -- with just as many good points to balance all that out, sure, but the human side of him is still there and it informs him as a hero and I love those nuances.

Then I came across an old interview

Q.What's the goofiest thing you've considered doing for a role?

RB: I have done some goofy things for auditions.
The goofiest thing I considered doing was driving into the studio naked and just be in that space--
to feel what it would feel like to experience that.
Talking to the security guard nude and going into the meeting nude.
I like the idea of driving around nude. In a pickup with tools in the back.

and really, what is there to say? Oh, RB. Never change :;hearts::

(Yeah. Jim. Total git at times. But still. Blair loves him).


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