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([personal profile] janedavitt May. 26th, 2016 11:47 am)
A year ago my friend and I signed up for a gym. It was 30 mins away but they assured us a new one would be opening five mins away from my house in September and we could transfer our membership then. It's taken until now, but the new place was finally open so we went to transfer.

It's a $25 fee. Well, okay. Then she tried to get us to go from the basic $10 a month fee to the $20 VIP package to avoid the transfer fee.

I said no, wasn't interested in guest passes, massage, tanning; I basically just want to do the Zumba.

Oh, she said, Zumba classes aren't covered and by the time you pay for them singly, you might as well pay the VIP fee and get all classes included.

Needle scratch time. We've NEVER paid for Zumba/yoga at the other location. We told her and she got sniffy and said we should've done and it was breaking the rules. I checked when I got home and the website does say classes are extra but Jackie and I could've sworn they were all included and we never got asked for money; just beeped our card and walked on in.

I decided to cancel altogether. I haven't been going and it was just getting pricey. I was told since I'd been a member for six days over a year I needed to give them 60 days notice in writing.

Me: Please give me a piece of paper.

They handed over s sheet and I wrote on it: I want to cancel my membership, signed and dated it, and left.

Never again signing up for something so hard to cancel.
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Ugh, what BS. My gym has a 30 days for quitting, but Paperwork Dude is quite willing to tell you optimal Quitting time so you can plan accordingly.
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We had to jump through so many hoops for Mr WG to quit his gym membership it was ridiculous. They still charged us for two months after he told them in writing that he had quit AND we had to pay a big fee for him quitting, I was so angry.


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