David leaves for Edinburgh on business tomorrow, coming back next Monday...and I'm going too! The girls are plenty old enough to be left (20, 15) and I can get the flight free on air miles and the hotel and breakfast free too so it's really well worth it. David has to work Thur/Fri but we'll have the weekend to do stuff.

We're staying somewhere David's been before, a lovely hotel about ten mins from the city; very posh, spa attached, acres of land. We've been upgraded to an executive room.


Looking forward to chilling out until they can use me to ice the gin and tonics ;-) Weather considerably cooler than here with rain forecast, but I'm used to that; holidayed in Scotland throughout my childhood. Sad a bookshop I planned to visit has gone but there are many more to browse through.
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From: [personal profile] bluewolf458

Enjoy! Pity I live on the west coast so it's not really feasible to try to meet up.

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Oooh, you'll enjoy the Norton! I've been to a couple of weddings there and it's very swish :-)

Have a great time!


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