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Got back yesterday after two trouble-free flights and a wonderful five days relaxing. Very hot here and double jetlag means my body isn't sure what the hell is going on, but I'll soon adjust.

We flew out Tuesday night and landed in Edinburgh early Wednesday. Flight great though I had a weird dizzy spell in the middle of the night and had to lie with my head on a pillow in David's lap to avoid passing out. By the time we landed, we'd been awake for getting on 24 hrs and things were getting blurry. Huge thunderstorm which wasn't great, but we got coffee and breakfast in a small cafe and then drove over Forth Bridge and explored a bit. I'd discovered I'd left my trainers behind so all I had to wear were sandals and heels. Decided to buy a cheap pair and made do with sandals for the time being. By noon we could barely function so we went to the hotel and begged them to let us check in early (3 p.m. usually). They did and we reached the room and fell unconscious for a few hours. Waking up, we discovered all was sunny and we walked around the grounds, exploring the small village and discovering the local shop did gorgeous Krispy Creme donuts; rhubarb and custard ones!
This was in the hotel grounds:

Ate in the hotel, then to bed.

Next day David went to work and I wandered around, feet a little tender. The only way into Edinburgh and the shoe shops was by a fifteen min walk to the bus stop then a bus in. I was freaking out a bit about doing it solo but I'd been reading the Drina books since she went to Edinburgh in one, and Drina would've scoffed at my trepidation.

So I went in! Got off in Princes Street when I saw shoe shops and the castle and spent hours browsing the stores and soaking in the beauty. Got trainers in Primark, cheap and light but super comfy, then got the bus back feeling very proud of myself and did more walks.

David got back and we went to a lovely pub/restaurant nearby next to a canal that did delicious homemade pies.

Next day I walked. Clocking up masses of steps on my Fitbit. I skipped the spa; it really was expensive and I bought some fancy face stuff in Boots for half the price that will last me weeks.

Saturday David was all done work and we went into the city. 26,000 steps that day. Whew. We decided to start by going up Arthur's Seat to get the view. Drina and Rose did it, I assured David. OMG. We started in what looked like the right place and climbed this incredibly steep bit, me dying of legs aches and lack of breath, only to find ourselves going down again and another path to the summit starting at the base; we didn't need that first bit at all! More climbing, more, more, and we were at the top. Views wonderful but oh so tired! Calf muscles still tight. Bloody Drina!

Back down to the Royal Mile and we were bombarded by tartan and tourists and music. Nice to escape down the narrow wynds to the quiet hidden places. The buildings were amazing; so old, so full of history.

Got to the Castle again and it was not good timing; band called Runrig was setting up for a concert outside; packed, sound checks going on, so we skipped going inside and did the Whisky Experience tour David wanted, getting ushered into a room with thousands of whisky bottles a man had collected. David was stunned but shocked; they'd never been opened and were evaporating anyway. Such a waste.

Got some food (over-priced like whoa) and went home.

Final day we drove to the Trossachs and the rain came down for the first time since we arrived. We kept driving and decided to go west and ended up in Oban. Lovely to retrace my steps after so many Hebridean holidays that began with catching a ferry from there. Wandered around, soaking in the sea air, then stopped at a quiet sea loch outside the town for a walk.

Early bed, up at four and home!

I'd started playing Pokemon Go and my hotel room was packed with Pokemon; level 11 now. The girls were super jelly :-) Amused to find a Pokestop at hotel was a former geocache site. Or maybe still is!
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From: [personal profile] jdjunkie

Hah! We made EXACTLY the same mistake on the Arthur's Seat walk!! You are not alone. *g*

Love Edinburgh so much, and the area around Oban - fell in love with husband during a camping trip there over 30 years ago! Happy memories. :-)

Really glad you had such a good break back on this side of the Pond.
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From: [personal profile] bluemeridian

That's a lot of walking! Sounds like a wonderful trip, though, and those are some beautiful views.

From: [personal profile] catspaw

Gosh you were SOOO lucky with the weather - the expected rain never really materialised, in Edinburgh at least :-) Looks like you had a brilliant (if hyperactive *g*) time.
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From: [personal profile] justhuman

I remember Edinburgh fondly. It was the last stop after Oban and Mull when I went with friends to Scotland.


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