This is something I've been puzzled about for a while because it crops up in discussion of pairings now and then.

Why is it even an issue that Teyla and Ronon are black when, within the context of the show, their skin colour is of absolutely no relevance whatsoever to them and wouldn't influence them in any way at all?

Or, to put it another way, how much should a show be analysed using contemporary attitudes as a yardstick when it's not set in our time and/or place?

We saw one racist society on SG-1 (which was left wiped out to the last man) but in the face of the threat to humanity from the Goa'uld/Wraith and Ori, it seems to be one prejudice that wasn't carried off-planet. With no history of being treated differently because of their colour that we know of, why would it ever occur to Teyla and Ronon to band together against the liberal, white leadership of Atlantis because of that factor? They might because they're native to the Pegasus galaxy and the Atlantis lot are clueless, interfering strangers who didn't even wipe their feet before walking in uninvited (only partially joking there), but even then, they're from very different planets and backgrounds.

It seems odd to load the characters down with baggage that doesn't belong to them.


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