I was absorbed in an epic length fic this week, soaked in it, and having fun, when I noticed that the POV shifted mid-scene all the time. 'Oh,' I thought. 'The beta should've picked up on that. That's wrong, that is.'

Then I realised I liked it. Liked it a lot. You could tell who was thinking what, no problem there, and I was getting double the input which, in a smut scene especially, is double the fun. I got to know what they were both thinking/feeling, and it was nice, darn it.

I wrote like that when I started and was eventually told not to. Some of my earlier fics are still full of merrily-shifting POVs and not an asterisk break in sight.

And you know why I did it like that? Not because I was a newbie to writing (that was why I didn't double-space) but because I'd read untold thousands of books before starting to write and only a handful of fics, and in books authors do it all the time and I'd absorbed that.

I was reading a Nora Roberts (well, J D Robb) this morning. Eve and Roarke share the POV, swapping back and forth after a paragraph or two. Say what you like about Nora (me, I think she's secretly twins. Or owns a time machine; she redefines prolific) but she's a professional writer and no mistake and I haven't heard that she has a Rice-like ego that would resist editorial suggestions.

So if it's okay for them, why have we self-regulated ourselves into one POV only, or very neatly-delineated changes?

Whose idea was that?


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