Don't read until you've watched the finale. 170 word snippet fic.

Balm in Gilead )
Title Count the Seconds
Author [personal profile] janedavitt
Web page Jane's Stories
Pairing None
Rating PG13 for language, some violence
Length 600 words
Spoilers None

Count the Seconds )
This is a piece of PG gen that popped into my head. No spoilers, 200 words.

Pinholes )
Title Sensing Danger
Author [personal profile] janedavitt
Web page Jane's Stories
Pairing None
Rating PG
Length 568 words
Spoilers None.

Written for the 'sixth sense' challenge at [profile] sentinel_thurs

Sensing Danger
Title Oil and Water
Pairing None. Gen. Characters: Alex and Naomi
Rating PG13
Length 600 words
Spoilers AU set during Sen Too at the end of S3.
Summary Suppose being a guide runs in the family and Alex found the mother not the son?
I wrote this for the [ profile] sentinel_thurs challenge of primary colors and decided to hang onto it for today as it's Jeri Ryan's birthday.

Oil and Water )
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( Feb. 9th, 2009 08:36 am)
[ profile] carodee and I were wondering how Blair would rebel with a mom like Naomi and I wrote her a teeny snippet set in 1979 where Naomi turns into a less understanding mom, as we all do when pushed.

The research took longer than the fic because I got carried away :-)

I'm Loving It

"Blair Sandburg, go to your room!"

Blair blinked. Go to his room? Why would he do that in the middle of the day? "Why?" he asked, trying for a reasonable voice. Naomi's eyes looked a little wild and she was quiver-taut with exasperation, her hands clenched into fists.

"Because I just told you to!"

That still didn't make sense, but Naomi had always told him that he could ask an infinite number of questions because the universe was infinite and so was her patience.

"Yes, but --"

"Young man, if you don't do as I say, you're grounded for a week, do you hear me? A week!"

Grounded? Naomi had always said that parental punishments were a brutal abuse of power and guaranteed to make children grow up rebelling against an unjust system of oppression and repression, which didn't seem like a bad thing to Blair, but he'd accepted that unlike the other kids, he had no set bedtime and gone to bed when he was tired, which was usually around the same time as his friends anyway.

"Can we meditate about it and come to mutual enlightenment about what's harshing the vibes between us?" he asked hopefully. His room was tiny and bare; all the fun stuff was out here.

Naomi sucked in an enraged breath and pointed stiffly to his room. "Young man, march!"

Marching was a tool of the military, designed to eliminate individuality, but Blair marched.

"And don't let me ever catch you in that place again! Think of the rain forests!"

Blair sighed as he closed the door behind him. He didn't even like the food in the Happy Meals, but he'd almost collected all of the Star Trek boxes, darn it...

(Pictures of the Star Trek HMs are here)
Today is the birthday of Ryf Van Rij who played Rafe on The Sentinel. Over at [ profile] ts_allstars we're having a Rafe day, so feel free to join us with fics, icons, meta, whatever.

I've posted a gen Rafe fic, which was a lot of fun to write. It's here:

Lucky Day
Title Scarborough Fair
Pairing Gen, except for one line that could hint at pre-slash.
Rating PG
Length 720
Spoilers Set just after Blair moves in.

Written for the [ profile] sentinel_thurs challenge of 'in the kitchen'.

Scarborough Fair )
Title: Red Sky
Word Count: 130
Type: Gen
Rating: G

Red Sky

Solstice. Blair was talking Jim's ear off about rituals, significance, customs dating back further than Jim wanted to think about because he felt lost, adrift, when he did, as if he'd been cut away from the present, but he wasn't really listening.

He leaned on the balcony wall and watched the sun set, a rich, blood-red shimmer sinking down behind the cityscape, staining the sky scarlet. He felt it disappear completely with a sense he had no name for, and knew that when it rose again, it would be on a world moving slowly toward spring.

They had winter to endure, bitter winds, icy rain, wet snow that never lasted long enough to be a bother or a joy…but spring was coming.

Red sky at night.

Sentinel's delight.
Title: Star of Wonder
Word Count: 309
Type: Gen
Rating: PG
Note: Set during Switchman

Star of Wonder

The wise men followed a star to find the miracle they were looking for; me, I'm following a 1987 minivan driven by a soccer mom on a mission. She's weaving through the lanes like a spider on speed and somehow I'm locked into following her, needing every turn she does, sliding through light after light just behind her and never quite sure which angry horn blasts are for her or me.

We're not running a race; can't be; different destinations, different goals…but for now, at least, we're going the same way and I'm following her.

Then she turns into the hospital, just like me, and it starts to click into place. Mom in a hurry; kid in pain. Shit. I hope it works out okay.

I'm, heading for the clinic parking lot when she finally breaks away, scorching toward the emergency department.

One rear light casing on her van is missing and without it, the bulb blazing looks kinda like a star, maybe.

But I'm no wise man, just a forlorn hope chaser, a man with a dream, and I have to get to the room that J. Ellison is in, quickly, fast, before he slips through my hands. Linda got me his name, but refused to pass on his address -- like she hadn't already broken the rules -- and he's not in the book; I already checked.

Got to find him. Fame, glory, book deal, me played by…hmm. Have to think about that one. Have to say, all I care about is that he's real, that he exists, that I'm right to believe in Burton.

But I can't help picturing what it's gonna be like if he's the real deal, and skipping to a few years down the road when I've written the diss and published it.

Him. Me. We're gonna be stars, man.
Title: The Cattle are Lowing
Word Count: 268
Type: Gen
Rating: G
Note: Set post show; no spoilers.

The Cattle are Lowing

Jim stood in the throng of carolers and tried not to wince. Good hearing didn't necessarily mean perfect pitch for most people, but for a Sentinel, apparently it came with the package.

Thirty people, good cops, nice people, and not one of them could carry a tune in the proverbial bucket. He was in agony here and the clink and rustle of money dropped into the collecting tins for the orphans was the only welcome sound.

His feet were wet and cold, too.

Resolutely miming to 'Away in a Manger' because he wasn't going to be part of the massacre of one of his favorite carols, he let his thoughts stray to Mary and Joseph's dilemma. Today, they'd go to a shelter, he supposed; in a small town they might even get moved on as vagrants.

He wondered what he'd do if someone turned up on his doorstep, homeless, in need, desperate for a place to sleep. Easy to blame the innkeeper and call him hardhearted, but nowadays with fire regulations and occupancy limits, Mary and Joseph wouldn't have fared much better.

Blair elbowed him in the ribs, reminding him of one waif and stray he'd taken in. A week? It had been four years now, and Blair was showing no signs of leaving, not that Jim wanted him to. "Sing, will you?" Blair hissed. "Pretend you're in the shower."

In the press of people, Jim could get away with goosing Blair. The resultant yelp was a perfect C that rang out loud and clear.

Jim grinned and joined in for the final chorus.
Title: A Crown of Holly
Word Count: 220
Type: Gen
Rating: PG13

A Crown of Holly

The killer's left a wreath of holly around his victim's neck, the bright berries streaked with blood. It's important forensic evidence, but all Jim can think as he watches it get carefully bagged and tagged, is that it's a twin to the wreath hanging on the loft door. Same woven twigs under the sharp green leaves, same twist of copper wire at the back to hang it with, same sprayed on, throat-clogging scent of cloves.

Jim's too fond of Mrs. Spencer to refuse her gift, but he holds his breath every time he opens the door.

Cloves…and a cut throat. There's a wild malice here, a manic cruelty, and though the season shouldn't make it worse -- like killers care it's Christmas -- it does. The man lying sprawled in his own blood had family, children, hell, two kittens, mewing plaintively behind a closed door.

Jim sighs.

He'll solve this one. Find out where the wreaths come from; track down each customer -- do the legwork and patient sifting through data that makes up most of his days. It's not all car chases and gun fights.

Yeah, he'll nail this son of a bitch.

But first, he'll have to upset a sweet old lady, because there's no way in hell that wreath's staying on his door.
Title Wash Away my Sins
Pairing None. Gen. Simon and Jim.
Rating PG
Length 470 words
Spoilers None.

Written for the [ profile] sentinel_thurs challenge of 'cold and wet'.

Wash Away my Sins )
This was written for the [ profile] sentinel_thurs challenge of 'discipline' and is G rated, featuring Simon.

Procrastination and Equivocation

Simon looked longingly at the cigar waiting for him and then back at the pile of paperwork on his desk.

Nothing there was urgent, but he'd told himself that the cigar, cool fragrant smoke filling his mouth, the weight of it in his hand, the beloved ritual of preparation, all of it, would have to wait until he'd cleared his desk, and Simon Banks was a man of his word.

He reached out for the luscious pineapple Danish which was resting on the files.

No sense in letting it get stale and technically, it was first in the to-do pile…
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This is a short, 300 word gen fic with Dean and Sam as children on Halloween.

Written in fits and start as I answered the doorbell :-)

Candyman )
Title Marauder
Pairing None
Rating G
Length 500 words
Spoilers None

Written for the [ profile] sentinel_thurs challenge of 'boys and their toys'.

Marauder )
Title Good Boy
Character Jim as child
Rating PG
Length Drabble
Spoilers References 'Remembrance'

Written for the [ profile] sentinel_thurs challenge of 'dreams'.

Good Boy

He dreams of seeing a bird's eye gleam darkly as it wheels high overhead, its wing-beats harsh flutters. Dreams of a woman glimpsed across the football field, a friend's mother, so his arousal is shame-spiced, but she reeks of sex as well as Chanel. Deep in the woods surrounding the field, he sees a man, and he knows and shares their guilt.

Dreams and wishes memories wouldn't flood his head as he sleeps.

Dreams he's still a freak, and hopes he wakes to find he's normal, Dad's good boy, his favorite.


Let tomorrow be the day he's normal again.
Title Bear Hug
Characters Blair and Simon
Rating PG
Length 1300 words
Spoilers None

Written for the TLC challenge at [ profile] sentinel_thurs.

Bear Hug )
Title Key Player
Characters Simon and Daryl
Rating G
Length 300 words
Spoilers None

Written for the 'It was a dark and stormy night' challenge at [ profile] sentinel_thurs

Key Player )
[ profile] sg_fignewton is celebrating Daniel Jackson's birthday with gen fic. I signed up for Teal'c Alphabet Soup fic.

And now I'm off to read the fic :-)

ETA The 26 Teal'c Alphabet Soup fics are all collected here.

26 letters and I chose O (for oranges).

300 words, PG13 for some remembered violence and angst.

O is for Oranges )


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