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( Sep. 9th, 2007 04:35 pm)
With the English language being so rich and all, it's strange that if you look up the definition of 'procrastinator', 'butterfly' and 'unmotivated' they all say 'Jane' after them.

Got a million and one things to do, some even fun things, and I just dropped them all and made a table of every Sentinel episode title with the writer and director attached to see if I could identify any trends (slashiest writer, suckiest writer, writer we can thank for iconic moments...)

As ever, with a project like this, the place I started was Becky's Transcript site. So grateful for that site.

If anyone else wants to play:

episodes/writers/directors )
Connected with my post about who wrote/directed which TS episodes here, and because it's best to get a wide sample, I'm going to ask people to tell me their

1. Top 5 slashy episodes of TS

2. Top 5 suckiest.

3. Top 5 significant episodes (major reveals about characters, Sentinel mythos etc).

4. Top 5 entertaining.

5. Top 5 favourites

6. Top 5 funniest

7. Top 5 saddest

8. Top 5 scariest.

If you can't make five or have more than five, or can think of a new category, go for it. The linked post has all the episodes if you can't remember names. No need to rank them.

Here are mine: Read more... )


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